who we are

A family. a brand.

Oito.Um is a family brand created with the aim of inspiring other families and other women to lead an active lifestyle. We believe that physical activity is fundamental to our well-being, resulting in a better life, a happier family and a world we all enjoy living in.

what we do

look good. feel good

we create and produce the most comfortable leggings you will ever wear.
We bet on the best lycra in the world because we know that you will feel the difference in the comfort of our pieces, and that comfort will transform into confidence, attitude, and results in training or in everyday life.

why we do it

we train every day

We are fitness professionals, passionate about training and that was the initial motivation. We decided to create a trusted brand with genuine concern for those who train: comfort, durability, performance, style .

for whom

for you. for me

each piece from octa.um is created and inspired by women.
real women, who divide their time between work and everyday commitments.
women like me and like you!
We want to inspire every woman to be decisive, intense and confident.

how we do it

our way of being

If we want to be a better brand we have to offer the best product and the best service at a fair price. This is our daily focus and we will do everything possible to guarantee it.


social and environmental responsibility

our world

Oito.Um contributes every year to national or local social causes. There are projects that we support on an ongoing basis and others that we try to help whenever we can. If you know of a project where we can have an impact, get in touch!

a 5 star brand

more than 5000 real reviews that you can read.
but the ideal is to try it!

free delivery on purchases over €50

available only for Portugal