for a better planet


We think every day about the impact we have on our planet and want to be part of a global solution. From the selection of the materials we use, to the type of packaging that arrives when you make a purchase, through all of the brand's daily processes.

when less is more

We believe that fashion has an excessive impact on the environment due to widespread consumer habits that lead to excessive production of clothing. Therefore, our number 1 objective is to ensure that our products are of quality to last longer with the style and characteristics of a new product.
Less quantity, more quality

ecological fabrics since 2016

Oito.Um has used ecological materials since its first collection! We never did it for the sake of fashion, nor did we "wake up" now to climate urgency. We have always done so as a matter of principle and because that is how we are as people. The brand is just an extension of our beliefs that allows us to go further and have more impact.

deliveries. improve every year.

All of our logistics are designed to reduce the carbon footprint, keeping delivery fast and efficient. we work with transport companies that offset their carbon emissions, we use recycled material packaging, and we have even had urban deliveries by bicycle and electric vehicles - zero emissions! But it is still too early to take this step. The goal of zero emissions is still far away, but the change is made with small, regular steps.

The ecological journey is a continuous process that we are implementing and that we want to accelerate.


Do you have ideas for us?

If you have ecological solutions you want to share or know companies that can be our partners, let us know.

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