10 Passos para começar a treinar by PT Clarisse Sousa Martins

10 Steps to start training by PT Clarisse Sousa Martins

Starting to train may not be an easy task. Here are 10 tips to make the process simpler and more enjoyable.

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Taking the first step to start training is not always easy. It has been proven that practicing sports is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle . I often say that physical exercise is my area and specialty, but also my therapy. For that reason, here are 10 tips so you can start your training and not give up. Above all, do it for yourself. All our effort is rewarded.

1. Establish dreams

Dreams are powerful. They are the ones who inspire us to pursue new challenges and adventures and who create essential motivation for transformative change .

Your dream can be anything. It could be fitting into those beautiful pants in the window. But it could also be signing up for a marathon or simply wanting to be confident enough to not care about the numbers anymore.

A 1% change may not seem like much, but small improvements and investments in the way you live are the ideal path to success . Starting to train and exercise daily can be a good ally.

2. Know what you want

We don't all have to go to gyms or enjoy the same types of training . To start training, look for something that gives you pleasure, even if it doesn't spark interest right away. It's important that you follow your instinct .

Money, location and environment can be an obstacle to physical exercise. However, there is no reason why it shouldn't happen. There are green spaces , bike paths, beaches or even your home, where you can train without any equipment!

At home, you can use your furniture as training equipment . Would you be surprised if I told you that even using a kitchen towel you can create exercises ? If you choose the gym, schedule an initial assessment and follow-up with one of the professionals in the area. This guidance, or even hiring a Personal Training service, will give you security and a lot of personal growth. The important thing is to train !

3. Think that starting to train is not a loss, but an investment

Without health, we do little or nothing. So, invest in a Nutrition professional and eat better to move better.

The most important thing you need to do before you start training is to supply your body with the fuel it will need to perform. Therefore, it is essential to have an adequate and well-balanced meal , approximately two hours before training.

Post-workout, you should drink water and replace carbohydrates and proteins in your body. This way you will be repairing your muscles and replenishing your energy reserves. Nutrition plays a huge role in your performance and your training goals.

4. Be critical

Don’t be so quick to conclude that you “can’t” perform a certain exercise or handle a certain physical effort. Believing you can do it will make you stronger and more skillful. Trust your abilities , as no one was born taught. This is a very important time to test your psychological strength .

5. Add a little more color to your physical exercise

Whether we like it or not, the clothes we wear when exercising end up influencing our performance . Therefore, you should look for quality and comfortable training clothes to start training in style.

Furthermore, you must choose suitable footwear that makes you feel good. It's your time to gain confidence and motivation for training.

6. Be aware that you go far slowly

When starting to train, you should not abuse it. Initially, schedule 2 to 3 workouts per week. Remember, real people achieve real results.

You should start by setting thoughtful and achievable goals . That way, you won't feel exhausted or unmotivated.

7. Find a companion

Starting to train with someone can give you extra motivation. So, join a friend or family member on your training days. They may have different goals, but they both strive to achieve something.

Furthermore, on those more tiring and less positive days, there will always be someone to encourage you and keep you going.

8. Change the routine

Are you curious about trying different types of training ? You don't need to focus on just one. Organize your schedule so that during the week you can break your routine and do something different. Not only will it give your body different stimuli, you will also feel more alive and excited.

9. Compare the before and after

Once you start training, you should monitor your progress through physical assessments . You can even compare photos of yourself from times past. Believe it will be a “boost” of motivation. As a rule, people are very self-critical, but learn to recognize all your efforts!

10. Focus on the positive aspects

Identify the reasons that make you want to start training. Focus on those good moments along your journey. I believe in you!

Are you ready to start playing sports? Visit the Oito.Um online store and prepare the best look for a healthy life. Start training in style!


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Patrícia Teles

Fantástico, é isso mesmo!

Fantástico, é isso mesmo!

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