motivação para treinar

Motivation to train: Get over yourself! Be the best version of yourself!

Want to do more for your health and fitness, but don't have the motivation to train? Do not give up. Know yourself, overcome yourself and accept yourself!

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motivation to train

Practicing sport is not always easy. Motivation to train is something you have to have in you, both to leave the house on a daily basis and to excel during training ! And we know it's not always easy...

The distance that exists between you and the best version of yourself is in the internal dialogue you create. In a speech given in 2005, when he won the Kid's Choice award, Will Smith said the following:

When you run, there is a little person who talks to you and says, “I'm so tired. My lungs are about to burst. I'm so sore. I can’t go on.” Do you want to give up. But if you learn to beat that person when you run, you'll never give up when life gets harder.

This is the difference between what is today and what could be tomorrow. This can serve as motivation to train .

Get to know yourself!

There are those who say that you are what you achieve , what you earn, what you deserve... But that doesn't distinguish you, it doesn't make you unique. You are what you receive and what you overcome to get there. It's the way she fights her battles , how she achieves goals, that makes her someone unique.

He has nothing to prove… to anyone. Where others have arrived doesn't interest you, because your best version emerges as you overcome your limits . And it is the knowledge of her limitations that makes her accept reality. One reality: yours!

Accept yourself!

Are you looking for motivation to train and achieve your goals ? For this to happen, you have to accept your weaknesses and overcome them with every thought, with every drop of sweat. If today you managed to do 10 push-ups, tomorrow you will reach 20. Because it is step by step that we overcome limits and reach the best version of ourselves.

Saying you can't do it is the first barrier you have to accept that it exists. Because only by accepting will you be able to recognize its existence. It is at that moment that you will see and meet that “little person” that Will Smith refers to. Remember the following quote from Sun Tzu:

If we know the enemy and ourselves, we will not need to fear the outcome of a hundred battles. If we know ourselves but not the enemy, for every victory we will suffer a defeat. If we don't know ourselves or our enemy, we will succumb in every battle.

In other words, only by recognizing your barriers can you overcome them ! That's the spirit you need to take with you to the gym or to the street to be motivated to train .

Get over yourself!

Achieving our best is not easy. We know... It's a daily battle, a fight made up of sweat, tears, screams, pain... But, in the end, the reward will come!

Deep down, all this dedication makes sense and is reciprocated. This is a secret that only those who run, do their best at the gym or practice a sport know. The more you give in training, the more you get out of training!

You know you don't get higher by surpassing others. Reach higher by overcoming yourself. And you recognize these small victories when you look at the barriers that existed yesterday and see that they no longer exist. But don't be fooled, because tomorrow there will be more barriers , more limits... and the process will return to the beginning.

Do not give up! Wear sports clothes that flatter you, make you feel good and make you unique. Go back up one step. Shut your internal dialogue. Recognize your “little person” and fight for the best version of yourself again.

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