Oito.Um – la nueva marca de ropa fitness

Oito.Um – the new fitness clothing brand

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The fitness clothing market has a new brand – Oito.Um. A brand that combines unique designs with the quality of its technological fabrics. Furthermore, the average price is very attractive.

The era when we got together with a vintage t-shirt and ugly leggings was gone. Let's be realistic: with the appearance of more lines of sportswear with different colors, designs and patterns, we run the risk of giving a bad image at the gym if we don't think about what we're going to wear.

According to the most current trends, a new fitness brand is emerging. It is called Oito.Um and unites the design with the quality of Brazilian fabrics. The gifts are available in the online store and the brand promises to start 2017 with its clothes in some gyms and gyms so that consumers can try it.

The brand invests heavily in the quality and technology of its fabrics, so that the consumer can feel maximum comfort during training. From rapid evaporation of perspiration, absorption capacity, ability to maintain body temperature, to reflective details and protection against UV rays, the characteristics of these Oito.Um clothes make them ideal for training indoors but also outdoors livery.

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