3 Dicas para conseguir uma barriga lisa by Joana Pereira Fitness

3 Tips to get a flat stomach by Joana Pereira Fitness

Discover the 3 essential points to achieve a flat stomach. PT Joana Pereira explains how to achieve it and maintain it throughout the year.

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As the holidays and the heat approach, that concern begins to arise: what to do to get a flat, dry stomach ? Here is a very interesting topic that deserves to be talked about again and again, to demystify some misconceptions.

I want to make it very clear that it is not just a question of training , but of nutrition . There is no point in doing 1,000 sit-ups a day without first realizing that what we eat influences everything.

We, women, are a real rollercoaster at a hormonal level . We all know that our body naturally swells and deflates throughout the month. For this reason, it is even more important to be aware of what we eat throughout the day.

There are 3 important points for anyone who wants to achieve a flat stomach:

1. Food

It's not in three months that we're going to get a dream body , if we've never looked after it for years. Maintaining a healthy eating routine throughout the year is essential for anyone who wants to lose belly fat . This way, it will be easier to achieve (and maintain) a flat stomach to show off at the beach. Making healthy choices and cutting out foods that we know are bad for us can be enough.

2. Consistency

There has to be consistency, in terms of training and nutrition , if we want to have a flat stomach and a toned body . It doesn't work to eat “clean” for a month and train every day, if the following month we sit on the couch.

Alternating periods of healthy activity with periods of lack of motivation, spent eating cakes or chips, will not work. It is preferable to do 30 minutes of exercise daily , drink more water and eat a healthy diet throughout the year. Going in yo-yo mode quickly leads to demotivation, because the expected results are not achieved.

3. Patience

In terms of training, it's worth starting with something you enjoy, that gives you pleasure. Only then will they have the motivation and patience to maintain this routine throughout the year. It could be zumba, boxing or weight training classes, whatever you want!

Choose something that makes you sweat and release the endorphins that make you feel so good. It doesn't matter if they are experts or if it's their first time entering the gym, it just matters that they do it!

It is important to always wear appropriate training clothes to accompany your movements, but also to give you more confidence . And remember: results don’t appear overnight, so patience is essential.

So, girls and boys who ask for help to lose belly fat and eliminate those annoying side folds, you already know… Don't start running without first organizing your diet and your pantry. Then, be patient and consistent in your training.

We can all make excuses, but if we really want something we will have to fight for it. All change costs. However, in the end, it will only make us smile and grow!

Joana Pereira Joana Pereira

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