Aprende a fazer o batido preferido da Grace Kelly para o pós-treino!

Learn how to make Grace Kelly's favorite post-workout shake!

If you are a fan of Yoga or have already researched a little about the topic, you may have already heard about Grace Kelly as one of the great faces of Yoga in Portugal, as well as an incredible source of positive energy.

What you may not yet know is that Grace, despite having always chosen to follow a healthy lifestyle, began this journey more seriously when she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory disease that attacks the digestive system.
To help control her symptoms, Grace Kelly included a “magic recipe” in her life, which connects the sport , health and vegan cuisine, frequently sharing various recipes and tips on her Instagram page for those who want to adopt this lifestyle.

Grace Kelly and healthy eating: an increasingly stronger relationship

Although Grace initially opted for a vegetarian diet, she gradually moved closer to vegan options, motivated not only by improving her health but also by a concern for animals. This change, always professionally monitored through medical advice, led her to feel a greater balance not only on a physical level but also emotionally and spiritually.

Currently, Grace Kelly eats a diet that, although vegan, is quite varied, always including the right amount of proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, the yogi avoids gluten and always tries to choose organic foods with different colors, such as tofu, legumes, vegetables and fruits!

Likewise, detox juices, quinoa, almonds, light soups, spinach or sweet potatoes are foods that are part of Grace's daily diet, as they are rich in proteins and good fats that give her, and help to replenish, the energy so much needed. vital you need to complete your workouts.

Do you also want to restore your post-workout energy levels in a healthy way? Grace will help you right away!

Grace Kelly’s super “Happy Vibes” post-workout shake!

One of the highlights of Grace's motto – “Early Up and Be Happy” – is, without a doubt, organizing your day as if it were an “event”: Wake Up, Be Thankful, Yoga, Run, Be a Mother, Wife and be even happier !
It's always with this mindset It's positive that Grace prepares her meals and, of course, one of her favorite post-workout allies: the “Happy Vibes” shake, as she calls it.

For this super smoothie, you must mix in the blender:

  • Fermented vegan pea protein;
  • Kiwi;
  • Homemade pecan milk;
  • Basil;
  • Ashwagandha (known as the Indian GingSeng or food of Light. It is wonderful when you perform high intensity exercises, as it greatly strengthens the immune system, in addition to being a powerful cell renewer).

At the end, you can also add a little black cumin and flaxseeds on top of your smoothie and enjoy! In addition to the great taste, the nutritional properties of Grace's shake will make your muscle recovery much faster and will give you a complete feeling of satiety.

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