3 sobremesas vegan, saudáveis e perfeitas para a Primavera by Anita Healthy

3 vegan, healthy and perfect desserts for Spring by Anita Healthy

March is the month of Spring and Nature. It's also the time when we start thinking about summer and taking even more care of our bodies. The heat starts to arrive in force and makes us want to wear cooler clothes, which are naturally thinner and/or low-cut.

Even when you go to train outdoors, you're starting to feel like wearing a top or a t-shirt that match yours sports leggings instead of thicker sweaters. This can even help you focus even more on your training goals by wanting to look your best in this type of clothing!

Thinking about the body you want to have, Anita Healthy , from the blog Anita Healthy – Happy food, Happy Life , helps you eat healthier, without depriving yourself of any part of the meal.

The truth is that, although you want to have the perfect body when the warmer days arrive, you don't need to cut out desserts completely! However, you can always make healthier choices. So, as there are more and more fans of a diet without animal products, Anita tells you three sweet, healthy and vegan secrets. 

Anita Healthy's healthy desserts for Spring!

If you're a huge fan of desserts, but don't want to ruin the physical work you've been doing, these recipes from Anita Healthy are for you!

Quick and easy to make, with these recipes you don't need to be an ace in the kitchen to always have a sweet treat when you want it most. You just have to make a few swaps: sugar for dates, for example, milk chocolate for dark chocolate or pure cocoa powder, or even wheat flour for oat flour.

In addition to being healthier, these desserts are also very light and fresh, which makes them ideal for Spring.

  1. Vegan Cheesecake with Date Caramel

Vegan CheeseCake

This delicious vegan cheesecake It is essentially made from dried fruit! The base is made of dates and dried fruits, such as almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts, and the filling is made of cashews. It still makes such a simple and healthy caramel, just by adding dates and water!

  1. Sweet Potato Brownies

Sweet Potato Brownies

This is one of those recipes that you can even take with you during the day, so you have something on hand whenever you feel like a sweeter snack. Sweet potatoes are the main ingredient in these Brownies do not contain flour and are one of the simplest and most delicious vegan desserts!

  1. Vegan Apple Pie

Vegan Apple Pie

One of apple pies simpler, faster and healthier. The base is made from oats (no eggs!) and, despite not using wheat flour, it is quite crunchy. The filling is made only of apples, cinnamon and little else. It's super tasty and, without a doubt, an excellent dessert for Spring.

With these three healthy recipes from Anita Healthy, you can now attack the fridge at will this spring, without regretting it immediately. Try it and tell us which one you liked best!

Ana Rita – Anita Healthy – has a degree in Applied Mathematics, but her great passion is not just numbers, it is above all healthy and natural cuisine. From an early age, she dedicated herself to a lifestyle that values ​​health and from this passion came the Anita Healthy blog. Here, in addition to recipes that convince you to look at, you also share your entire lifestyle, including tips on nutrition and mindfulness. “We are what we eat” is her motto and being healthy gives her the energy to deal with everything that surrounds her and be happy.

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