Como escolher soutiens de desporto sem falhar?

How to choose sports bras without fail?

Avoid chest discomfort and pain. Choose the sports bra that best suits your chest and the sport you practice.

sports bras

To practice good sports, you need to take into account the equipment to be used. This includes not only leggings, top and sneakers , but also sports bras suitable for the activity to be carried out.

Physical exercise is increasingly a habit among Portuguese women . The culture of a healthy lifestyle and the desire to be in shape and promote physical and mental well-being are some of the reasons for this paradigm shift.

Wearing sports bras is important, not only to maintain correct posture , but also to support and condition the chest . It also prevents tissue sagging and unwanted pain . Therefore, whenever they start practicing an activity, women must choose the appropriate accessory.

Why is wearing sports bras so important?

Recent studies indicate that more than 65% of women experience chest pain after sporting activity and that only one in five wears sports bras. It is equally important to decide which type of bra to choose, as this will have an impact on your sporting performance .

sports bras

Sports bras with better packaging are comprehensive and recommended for use in sports that involve large impacts with the ground and faster movements. Gymnastics, jazz dancing and floor exercises are some of the modalities in which its use is advisable.

This type of bra has reinforced support and molds perfectly to the body, allowing freedom of movement . Some of the Oito.Um models even have removable pads, so they are perfectly adjusted to the chest.

Useful tips for choosing sports bras

If you haven't yet chosen the model of sports bra that you will use when practicing sports , here are some tips that could be very useful:

sports bras

Choose models made of elastic fabrics , such as elastane, which provide greater support and help reduce the impact of physical activity on the chest;

sports bras

Choose crossed straps , as they allow greater freedom of movement, as they do not cover the shoulder blades and leave your arms more comfortable;

sports bras

If you don't have a very large chest, opt for seamless sports bras, as they are less prone to irritation and abrasions. However, it is essential to ensure that the fabric is sweatproof , allowing the bra to stay dry;

sports bras

If you have a larger chest, you should opt for clothing with cups adjusted to each breast . Choose sports bras with zippers at the front, which are easier to take off when your body is sweaty;

sports bras

Choose breathable and quick-drying materials . Fabrics such as polyamide are ideal, as they function as a “second skin” due to their breathable characteristics. Unlike cotton, they prevent moisture.

Find at Oito.Um the tops that best suit your chest and the physical activity you practice. Our models combine design and support and are produced with premium quality materials, for greater durability and comfort.


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Isabel Costa

Bom dia eu queria um soutia para desporto mas que segure bem o peito

Bom dia eu queria um soutia para desporto mas que segure bem o peito

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