Dentro do armário da Tatiana Costa do Scoop by Scoop: A opinião sobre o conjunto Swift Oito.Um! – Vê o vídeo no final!

Inside Tatiana Costa's closet from Scoop by Scoop: The opinion on the Swift Oito.Um set! – Watch the video at the end!

What are the best women's gym clothes for yoga? Reading Inside Tatiana Costa's closet from Scoop by Scoop: The opinion on the Swift Oito.Um set! – Watch the video at the end! 3 minutes Next Tatiana Costa's review from Scoop by Scoop on the Seamless Dry Oito.Um pieces! – Watch the video at the end!

Thinking about your best perception of the characteristics of our sports clothes, Oito.Um invited Tatiana Costa of Scoop by Scoop giving your opinion on a very special fitness set: the Swift set!

O Swift set consists of leggings and a top super colorful, which will become the joy of any gym without ever losing its elegance! The cut of the pieces is simple, the fabric is light and comfortable and its composition provides a soft and excellent wearable touch. Tatiana Costa loves it because it makes her feel completely comfortable during each workout, without ever feeling “stuck” or sweaty.

If you don't know Tatiana Costa yet, here's a little introduction to this sports lover, so you can get to know a little about her personality and her excellent work at Scoop by Scoop!

Who is Tatiana Costa and the Scoop by Scoop project?

“I'm Tatiana Costa, I'm a fitness athlete, designer, personal trainer and truly passionate about creating new healthy recipes. I eat and train to be better and to inspire more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, I am healthily vain and that is why I wear Eight.One.”

Cheerful, motivated and talented, Tatiana is an inspiration for all those looking for improvements in their health, sporting performance or even aesthetics. Together with Gonçalo Mosqueira, also a Bodybuilding/Fitness athlete, he created the Scoop by Scoop project, an online platform where topics related to fitness, health and lifestyle are shared, such as healthy recipes, training suggestions, motivation tips or even beauty & fashion articles. They also provide online advice/monitoring to help you achieve your goals.

Tatiana Costa from Scoop by Scoop's opinion on the Swift set from Oito.Um

The Top Swift, not being padded, fits perfectly on your body type, giving you moderate support in the chest area. The comfort provided by the Top Swift makes it perfect if you practice gym/fitness, crossfit, yoga/pillars or dance.

The Swift Leggings have the particularity of having a double waistband, ensuring safety during any exercise. As such, these leggings are ideal for sports that require high elasticity/mobility, such as gym/fitness, running or even dancing.

Another of the great advantages of the Swift set, as with all sports clothing pieces female It is male Eight.One is the fact that, although the fabrics are light and thin, they do not become transparent even when carrying out large movements, such as squats. Furthermore, you will also feel completely at ease in this type of exercise as our sportswear never falls or slips, allowing you to do all the exercises without worries or inhibitions!

But who better than Tatiana Costa to explain all the features and advantages of the Swift set? Just watch the video below and you’ll know all the details!

Comfort and style come together perfectly in set Swift Eight.One! Do you already have yours?

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