A review da Tatiana Costa do Scoop by Scoop sobre as peças Seamless Dry Oito.Um! – Vê o vídeo no final!

Tatiana Costa's review from Scoop by Scoop on the Seamless Dry Oito.Um pieces! – Watch the video at the end!

Are you already aware of Scoop by Scoop's Tatiana Costa's opinion on the Swift Oito.Um set ? It's true, Tatiana Costa tried some of our sports clothes and now tells you everything she thinks!

For those who don't know yet, the Tatiana Costa is a fitness athlete, designer and personal trainer, loves trying healthy recipes and has a fantastic project dedicated to fitness, health and lifestyle – the Scoop by Scoop –, in partnership with Fitness/Bodybuilding athlete Gonçalo Mosqueira.

This time, Tatiana Costa comes to tell you about two Oito.Um pieces with Seamless Dry technology, a process that recently began to be used in the production of fitness clothing. If you are a sports lover, it is natural that you have already heard about this technology, but do you know exactly what it is? We explain!


What is Seamless Dry Technology?

Seamless fabrics began to be used in sports clothing to provide greater comfort during training.

This innovative form of production means there are fewer seams and fewer friction points in the clothing, adjusting perfectly to your body without squeezing you or restricting your movements. Furthermore, this process also makes it possible to create a piece with different compression zones, which increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles, reduces muscle vibration and reduces the risk of muscle microtrauma.

In Oito.Um sports pieces, seamless fabrics also incorporate the Seamless Dry technology , giving your body greater breathability and faster evaporation at specific sweat points, which increases comfort and improves your sports performance.

In addition to the Seamless Dry technology, the sportswear tested by Tatiana Costa also contains the Sanitized Technology , a sanitizing treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odors.

REVIEW: Tatiana Costa from Scoop by Scoop tells you about the Open Air Leggings and the Oito.Um Top Straps

The Oito.Um Seamless Dry pieces that Tatiana Costa tried on were the Open Air Leggings , which combine this recent technology with a more contemporary style, and the Top Straps , a stylish and super comfortable top.

The Open Air leggings, made in a single piece of seamless fabric and elastane, provide maximum comfort during your workouts, functioning like a real second skin! These leggings also have perforated areas on the front that, in addition to giving you a very bold style, allow for greater ventilation to keep your body cool and dry during training.

Furthermore, the Oito.Um Open Air leggings feature a “Non-Slipp” silicone band at the waist, which helps the leggings to always remain in the right place, even during exercises that require greater mobility, such as squats, deadlifts or lunges.

The Top Straps, in addition to having a super trendy combination of straps, give you high thermal comfort as the Seamless Dry technology allows the body and the top itself to dry quickly.

Are you already dying to know what Tatiana Costa thinks about this set? So press “play” on the video below!

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