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Oito.Um recently started a pilot project for last-mile deliveries without CO2 emissions. In line with our sustainability policy, we decided to take another step in favor of our planet, making deliveries by bicycle, in partnership with YOOB .

It's a project that has already started in the Lisbon area, but which we hope to see grow quickly so that tomorrow we can be at your doorstep, on a bicycle, delivering your favorite training clothes!

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Deliveries with ZERO CO2 EMISSION

Zero CO2 emissions means that an energy source is used that does not emit waste that pollutes the environment or disturbs its natural balance. The driving force generated by our bodies is the perfect example of zero emissions, as is the use of electric vehicles – which we also use in some deliveries.

We are still a long way from being able to deliver all orders in these formats, but it will be a matter of time and we are sure that it will be our future. For now, let’s focus on the most important thing: we’ve already taken the first step! Sustainability is a continuous process and the most difficult part is done. The future is just a matter of time and opportunity – in other words, that carriers will offer more solutions.

The cost of sustainability

“Do you prefer CO2 emissions or an environmentally friendly solution?”

Any of us, and most people we know, will respond that they prefer the environmentally friendly solution. But when we try to implement these solutions or buy these eco-friendly products, we are faced with additional difficulties that make us think, hesitate, postpone or even cross out this option and go back to the classic option – with more negative impact on our planet. The biggest current obstacle is, without a doubt, the cost of being eco .

In our case, and because we want to be 100% transparent, our delivery cost without CO2 emissions is more than double that of a normal delivery . Yes, it can cost us €9 vs €4 for normal shipping! But we don't want this to stop you from choosing an environmentally friendly delivery and, therefore, we accept this difference and will deliver in “CO2 Free” mode whenever possible!

“Is it a difficult decision?” - Yes, if we want to be rational and analytical, it is very difficult. It has a huge impact on the business, mainly because shipping is free on 95% of the orders we send. But it is something that we want to do and that we must do to set an example and serve as an inspiration for other brands – especially those with higher profits and that should be pioneers in implementing these solutions.

Being eco-friendly is much more than producing clothes with ecological fabric

Oito.Um was born in 2016 and we used ecological fabrics in the first collection! At the time, sustainability was still something little debated – Greta Thunberg's speech at the United Nations Conference that was the turning point took place in 2018 – but for us it was already something that we implemented daily in the company.

But it's not just the fabrics that define us as a sustainable brand. Especially because we are unable to use only ecological materials in the production of our pieces (otherwise we would not be able to sell at the price we do, and we continue to want to be the brand that sells the best quality at the fairest price).

We are a sustainable brand because we have values ​​other than profit that deserve equal importance, such as environmental impact, the use of ethical and fair supply chains, offering better working conditions to those who are part of our team, and, Of course, the thoughtful use of natural resources throughout the entire life cycle of our products.
"CO2 Free" deliveries are a tangible, concrete and real example, which involves greater effort and more investment, but which reflects our eco-friendly commitment .

When will Oito.Um be able to offset carbon emissions?

There are currently several alternatives for brands to offset their CO2 footprint, the basic principle being to remove CO2 from the atmosphere – and other greenhouse gases – equivalent to what the company produced.

And Oito.Um is actively aware of everything that happens in this area because we understand the impact of our activity and we want to reduce it. But the reality is a little less rosy than we would like and we have no interest in being part of a compensation program just to use it as another marketing tool. We want real changes, we want to be part of something that really happens and is real, and until we find it and we are not sure about it, we will do our daily work to reduce, recycle and reuse.

The “deliveries by pedaling” pilot project is something tangible and that is why we are committed to it. It's an extra effort for the brand, but we should all make a greater effort for the environment and our planet. For the benefit of future generations and our own future. We know the urgency of changing acquired habits and we know the impact this change will have on our lives.
But we have to.

“We need you to do more and better. Are you ready to walk together?”

Joana V – owner.

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Rita Fernandes Ferreira

Parabéns! Que mais empresas sigam o vosso louvável exemplo de forma a termos cidades com menos congestionamentos, menos ruído e poluição do ar, ou seja mais verdes, mais saudáveis e mais sustentáveis.

Parabéns! Que mais empresas sigam o vosso louvável exemplo de forma a termos cidades com menos congestionamentos, menos ruído e poluição do ar, ou seja mais verdes, mais saudáveis e mais sustentáveis.

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