Vamos ajudar-te a escolher o material para os teus treinos

We will help you choose the material for your training

If you're finally determined to start your training, this article can help you put together your little training set that will make all the difference at the end of the day.
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The last two years have shown us the advantages, disadvantages, possibilities and limitations of training at home. And now that restrictions practically do not exist, we see that many people have adopted training at home or outdoors as their new routine and their new normal.

If you are part of this group of people, or are finally deciding to start your training, this article can help you put together your small training set that will make all the difference at the end of the day. And of course, even if you're not part of any of these groups, it's always worth taking a look at our suggestions!

Our objective with this article is to help you choose material that is easy to find, easy to use, that produces results, and that can be used in the most diverse training sessions and according to the most varied objectives.

Here are some suggestions for training material that you can gradually buy without your wallet suffering too much.

1 – jump rope

This could be your best training partner. The ropes are small and portable and allow you to do light or extremely challenging workouts, depending on your fitness level and goals. Furthermore, it's easy to learn, just try it a few times and you'll get the hang of it. Watch Lauren's videos , who only started jumping rope with the pandemic, and now teaches millions of people how to have fun while training.
And if you want a different experience, try heavy ropes like the ones we already talked about in the text about trends for 2022 .

When jumping, you should always wear light, cool clothing , good sneakers and a good top with chest support .

2 – dumbbells

Dumbbells (weights) are relatively cheap and allow you to greatly increase the variety of exercises you can do. The ideal would be to have one or several sets weighing 5kg or less, and another(s) with more weight - our suggestion is this one but there are many options on the market. Training with an extra load makes all the difference because it allows you to increase the difficulty of the exercises and stimulate muscles that training with body weight has more difficulty achieving.

3 – running shoes

Running can be a great workout, and should be part of your routine. Mainly because it is a basic movement that our body must know how to do. And if there is something really important when running - no, it's not the watch or the headphones - it's comfort - sneakers with good cushioning capacity, a cool t-shirt that dries quickly, and leggings or shorts that allow correct movement and free your legs. Look for a running shoe that suits your foot type and running style.

4 – elastic bands and resistance bands

Bands (usually shorter and flatter) and elastic bands (longer and bulkier) are easy to use, versatile, and allow you to work all the muscles of the body in a completely different way than weights since the elasticity “obliges” the muscle to be in constant tension. Check out these examples for upper body training and glute training .

5 – TRX – suspension training

The TRX has innovated home training as it allows you to use your body weight to do countless more or less complex exercises, targeting all the main muscle groups. And you basically use gravity to adjust the difficulty of each exercise. If you don't know it yet, watch the official TRX videos .

6 – training mat or yoga mat

Yoga mats are important for providing cushioning and traction. Even if your goal is not to practice yoga at home, one of these mattresses will come in handy when you have to put your knees on the floor, or when you are lying on your back. But whether for yoga or any other type of training, Oito.Um has the pieces of clothing you're looking for - comfortable and durable, that allow freedom of movement, and that will leave you confident with every workout you do.

These are some of our suggestions, but it is clear that the more material you have at home, the more diverse your workouts can be and the more effective the results will be.

And if you don't feel like investing in this equipment, that's no problem: it's possible to do good workouts and achieve goals with just your body weight and without equipment. But there is one principle that remains the same – training should be part of your routine, for your health and your self-esteem!

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