Especial dia dos namorados: É vantajoso treinar a dois?

Valentine's Day Special: Is it advantageous to train as a couple?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and, taking advantage of the atmosphere of romance and complicity, there's nothing better than figuring out whether or not you should share everything with your other half: including training!

There are more and more “fit couples” – couples who have decided to embark together on a journey towards physical well-being, improving their diet and training more regularly. But is there really any benefit to doing this walk in pairs, rather than alone?

A Sik Nutrition , a team of coaches and personal trainers who help you achieve your nutritional and physical goals without complications, set out to find out what some studies have already carried out and today they tell you everything!

What does Science say?

Doctor Wayne Andersen , one of the most vocal voices in the USA against obesity, said in a Coaching and Lifestyle program in which he is involved:

“In my 10 years of experience evaluating which causes long-term permanent changes associated with health and fitness, the factor more It’s important to have a support system.”

Team Sik Nutrition has also realized over time that, more than training or healthy eating plans, it is the personalized support it gives to the athletes it supports that really guarantees their success. The need to have someone's support is, according to Doctor Wayne, something that is part of our instinct:

“We are social animals, we seek the company and encouragement of others especially while we are carrying out this work.”

This support can be given by anyone: a friend, a coach or even your boyfriend. Furthermore, there are studies which ensure that the romantic relationship also benefits from this joint work, with results showing that couples were more satisfied and in love with their partner after starting a physical exercise program together. The most interesting thing is that the physical activity in which they were involved took only 7 minutes!

In turn, the presence of a partner also improves the efficiency of your training. One study related to social psychology reveals that someone's presence affects your ability to do an activity, such as training at the gym, if this is an activity that you have already mastered. Therefore, training with your partner is an excellent way to improve your performance, when one of you already has some experience.

Likewise, another study revealed that men feel more concerned about their bodies when their girlfriends also like to have an active and healthy life. In fact, by sharing the successes and difficulties of this journey with someone you like, you gain extra support and make it easier to ensure that you don't miss a single training session.

Exercising together also allows for imitation behaviors, that is, if one of you runs faster, the other will automatically accelerate your pace. This is called mimicry and various studies prove that this behavior tends to lead to the couple's union on an emotional level, making relationships stronger and deeper.

Training together can be beneficial, but…

If you've already worn leggings And your's top If you prefer to run to the gym to train with your boyfriend, first finish reading this article!

Well, not all good love partners are really good training partners!

Assess carefully whether the person you choose to train is willing to take physical activity seriously. Sometimes, there are people who simply don't like training and end up distracting you or even demotivating you. Furthermore, having a training partner who is too inexperienced or much more experienced can also affect your results.

For example, a study related to obtaining external self-regulation revealed that knowing that we have someone helping us with a given task weakens the motivation to achieve that same goal.

So, always remember to use your boyfriend’s help and company as something stimulating, not as a “cane”!

Action plan

If you want to optimize your training together, there are several action plans:

  1. Friends/Colleagues System

Training in a group of two people, whether friends or a colleague, is perfect for those who are embarrassed or lazy to go to the gym alone or want to enjoy more time with these people.

Having a training partner increases the likelihood of being consistent with the plan, however, always be careful if your training partner is “whiny”, often misses the agreement or doesn't give you the positive energy you need.

  1. Group System

Going to the gym with a small group of people who have the same goal, such as running at the same time or going to the same group classes, can encourage results.

There are several well-known groups, such as Weight watchers or even the Team Sik Nutrition Private Group, that demonstrate the benefits of exercising in a group. Building cohesive communities, in which the sense of belonging is clearly evident, increases the likelihood of achieving goals.

  1. Peer System

This is the best system for celebrating Valentine's Day, regardless of whether you are training partners or just go together at the same time!

In addition to improvements in terms of training, they end up spending more quality time together, in the gym and in post-workout relaxation moments.

Having your boyfriend as a training partner, if he also loves training, is a great asset. He will support you, give you tips and motivate you, all while training with you. However, don't forget to also motivate your partner to do their best and be their biggest support, especially on days when motivation is not high.

Make exercise and nutrition more fun, easier to manage over time and gain the extra motivation you need from something essential in any relationship: joint objectives .

And by the way, happy Valentine's Day!

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