Essenciais para o ginásio: Try-On Haul Oito.Um by A Astronauta – Vê vídeo no final!

Essentials for the gym: Try-On Haul Oito.Um by A Astronauta – See video at the end!

Motivation is essential when you start training. However, it is a very demanding ingredient: it needs consistency. In other words, it doesn't just have to be up there when you decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but every day you train.

We know that training is expensive, that pain is almost always present, that results are not always quick and that cutting back on food can be a big struggle. Hence the importance of “cultivating” motivation every day… If not, it is more than certain that you will end up training less often or even canceling your gym membership.

The good news is that you can feel more motivated by inviting a friend to train with you, signing up for classes you like, or even something even simpler like… workout clothes that you use. You do not believe? Today we tell you the story of the Astronaut!

Meet the Astronaut!

Inês is just 24 years old, born in the Algarve and better known as “The Astronauta” in Instagram and on your channel YouTube .

“A Astronauta” began with an unconditional passion for photography, the sharing of which reached levels that Inês never expected to reach. Currently, this project has become a lifestyle sharing space, already having thousands of followers.

One of the themes most recently explored by Inês is precisely the change in lifestyle, both in terms of healthy eating and regular physical exercise. The results have been remarkable and Inês hopes to be able to make other people want this positive change!

Try-On Haul Oito.Um by A Astronauta

The Astronaut is a completely normal woman, just like you, who decided to change her lifestyle and become healthier, because she didn't feel comfortable with her weight and appearance. Initially, Inês wore old, or even very basic, clothes to train, but as soon as she started using Oito.Um she felt a huge difference in her motivation.

When we realized that A Astronauta was changing her lifestyle, we sent her some Oito.Um pieces. We wanted to give you extra motivation to continue the excellent work you have been doing. And it worked!

Inês tried several of our tops , leggings , tank tops and even one overalls and some corsairs . Starting to train with style and quality made her feel better in self-esteem, in the way she looks at her body, in her desire to train and in the energy with which she performs each exercise. Because, when we feel good and wear what we really like, everything becomes easier!

Learn more about the story of The Astronauta and see all the Oito.Um pieces she tried on in this video!

Parts used:

Choose your favorite pieces now and watch the changes happen! Motivation starts with you. What you wear influences your training. Increase your sports performance.

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