La importancia del sujetador deportivo

The importance of the sports tumbler

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There were days ago when you couldn't associate a sports sweatshirt with fashion . But no. Sports stands are fashionable and essential to sports practice.
While running, with each turn, continuous movements are produced that cause the body to move with oscillations up and down, laterally, and also backwards. Everything is happening on all sides, but the more frequency there is, the greater the movement. It is uncomfortable and painful, even if we use a normal sujetador on all rims. Over the long term, we can cause fiber ruptures in the mammary glands. Irreversible damage that reduces the firmness and tension of the chest, ending with its fall and deformation.


A good sports assistant must reduce chest movements, offer comfort and present the following characteristics:

  • No seams or flat seams, to avoid chafing on the skin.
  • Breathable fabric. Avoid soiling or cotton tops, as this fabric absorbs water and moisture falls on the skin. Therefore, use fabrics with breathable components.
  • Freedom of movement, swimming backrest or the possibility of attaching straps to free up the shoulder blades.
  • Do not have rods, unless they are carried, they are not metal.
  • Wide straps, for greater grip and to avoid scrapes or scrapes. Also, share the weight.
  • Elastic strap, at the bottom, for an optimal adjustment to the perimeter of the torso.

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