¿Por qué utilizar prendas compresivas?

Why use compression garments?

For more than five decades, compression gifts have been implemented in the field of medicine to improve tissue recovery and blood circulation in the case of patients undergoing an operation.

But it was only at the beginning of the 90s when this revolution spread to the sporting world, especially in the sphere of elite athletes. His beginnings were in disciplines of speed and strength such as athletics or gymnastics. And little by little I was adopted in all areas like lifting weights, for example.

There are many benefits that the compression gifts bring, and there is now accelerated growth in the current market.

Here I mention 3 reasons that justify its use:

  1. Reduction of muscle disorders. By keeping your muscles protected, they absorb vibrations better, preventing strain.
  2. Best sports performance. As it compresses the blood vessels, more blood and oxygen enters the muscle. In addition to avoiding excessive movement, it makes efficient use of energy, avoiding excessive wear.
  3. Faster recovery. Improving blood circulation helps to eliminate the lactic acid that is generated in the muscles and therefore reduces muscle pain the day after training.

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