Oito.UM.ANO – Obrigada por cresceres connosco!

Eight.ONE.YEAR – Thank you for growing with us!

And truth! It's been 1 year!

It's been 1 year since Oito.Um was born, and started running from North to South of the country.

During this time we were all overshadowed by the turmoil of launches, with the colorful patterns that arrived from month to month, with the buzz that could be heard on more and more street corners, with your feedback and persistent enthusiasm.

All of this made us certain that the basis of the process of creating and designing a brand is to guarantee a quality product. And then we were already halfway there.

It also became clear that the strength and impact we achieved so suddenly had not been tangible without your help: the daily recognition of our work motivates us even more to improve and to give you the gifts you deserve.

It is for this same reason that we are going to leave you a little gift.

This week (until April 2nd), any purchase in our online store entitles you to a 25% discount on your next order. You will receive a code that you can use within 30 days.

We celebrate our birthday but it is you who are given gifts because our gratitude to you does not fit in our chest.

Congratulations to the team, congratulations to you, congratulations to Oito.Um that we built together.

*Code valid for 30 days

*Each person is entitled to a valid code for one use.

*Promotion cannot be combined with other current campaigns.

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