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Find out how to choose Yoga and Pilates clothes!

Yoga and Pilates clothing is important so that you can practice these modalities with greater comfort. Find out how to make your choice!

Yoga Clothing

Yoga and Pilates clothing is a type of clothing increasingly appreciated by women, due to the growing demand for these two sports .

We talk about difficult and very demanding activities. However, after the first impact and continued practice, the benefits are evident. Pilates and Yoga are physical sports, but also mental ones, and they allow us to understand that there are limits that we self-impose on a bodily level.

Exercise has a noticeable effect on stress levels after a short period of activity, also improving body awareness . We gain greater awareness of each muscle and its limits. We understand the volume of strength needed for each situation, in addition to improving posture and breathing .

The demands of physical exercise mean that Yoga and Pilates clothing works like a second skin. The positions adopted deserve sports equipment that strives, above all, for comfort.

Yoga Clothing

Pilates: More than a practice, a method

Pilates is a series of 500 exercises based on stretching done on the body's main muscle groups, in a balanced way. This type of exercise improves flexibility, strength, balance and body perception.

The Pilates method is characterized by its focus on sequences of precise stretching movements, repeated slowly over 5 to 10 minutes. Training sessions can vary between 45 and 90 minutes. Now, this requires a great level of concentration from the practitioner, as they have to repeatedly adjust the body's balance point to make each movement.

Another characteristic of Pilates is the adaptation of the method and exercises to the reality of each practitioner. This way, the muscles are never pushed to the limit and there are no strains or pain. This allows anyone to practice the activity: people with physical limitations, pregnant women, elite athletes or even people who are not in good shape.

Yoga Clothing

Yoga: The junction between body and mind

Yoga is based on three elements: exercise , breathing and meditation . Like Pilates, its practice improves both the muscles and body posture. Furthermore, it helps manage stress.

Several studies prove that regularly practicing this activity has several benefits. These occur in terms of health, improving physical fitness and normalizing blood pressure. Most practitioners notice a reduction in stress levels after a while. In short, increasing the practice of Yoga ends up transmitting a true feeling of well-being !

Another characteristic shared with Pilates is the fact that Yoga can be practiced by anyone. It doesn't matter your age or fitness level. Classes are divided into classes, such as beginners and advanced, and the teacher himself can adapt the exercises to each student.

3 Tips for choosing the best Yoga and Pilates clothing

Yoga and Pilates clothing must be tight, simple and seamless and allow the skin to breathe properly. Everything so that movements are fluid, without pain or discomfort due to perspiration.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best sports equipment for you. Get ready for your next class!

  • The most important thing is to choose comfortable clothes. Yoga and Pilates exercises require stretching. In this sense, you should avoid very tight or tight clothing. These types of choices can affect both breathing and blood circulation;
  • Be careful not to choose items with zippers . Both at the top and bottom, the zipped pockets can cause injuries during exercise;
  • Choose equipment made with technical fabric . This type of material, such as polyester, is effective in absorbing perspiration. If you are a person who sweats a lot, you should opt for cotton clothing, as they absorb moisture better.

Oito.Um jumpsuits, leggings and tops meet these criteria and allow you to exercise in comfort . In fact, this is the key word for Yoga and Pilates clothing to function as a second skin. Visit our online store and find the perfect sports pieces for you!


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