Reglas para lavar ropa de deporte

Rules for washing sports clothes

There are certain gifts and sportswear fabrics that require specific care for their optimal maintenance, small tips that will allow you to enjoy your gifts for longer and save money, through correct treatment of your sportswear.

Recommended steps for good care of this type of gifts:


– When you get home after having to wear clothes, it is recommended to air your clothes quickly to reduce humidity. It is with humidity when bacteria reproduce at full speed and produce bad odor. A few minutes later, it is convenient to place the gifts in the washing machine.

Neutral jabones

– Neutral jabones are ideal for this type of clothing. It protects and keeps its texture intact so it lasts longer.

Turn clothes back

– A good idea is to turn the clothes around before putting them in the washing tub: from the inside to the outside. This way the jabón will penetrate with greater efficiency.

Delicate screens

– Sports gifts are stained with more delicate fabrics because they react poorly to detergents.

No softeners

– It is recommended to avoid the use of softeners as they damage the internal structure of the fabric. Training clothes don't need that added softness.


– The programs for delicate clothes are ideal for this type of gift. Always in cold water.

After washing

– In the case of sports clothing, the use of a spinner is not advisable, nor is it advisable to use a dryer, it will be enough to keep the clothes in open air or in a place that has adequate ventilation for optimal drying. Afterwards, there will be no shortage of fabrics, as the heat can favor the deterioration of some fabrics. It will be enough to fold your gifts and store them in a dry place until your next visit to the gym.

If you have specific questions about any of the Oito.Um sportswear washing symbols, get in touch with us!

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