Oito.Um para todas as atividades com Inês Costa – Vê o vídeo no final!

Oito.One for all activities with Inês Costa – Watch the video at the end!

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At Eight.One There is a word that we value a lot: versatility! It's because? Because we want our sportswear, whether feminine he wants male , allows you to perform all types of exercises, in any environment, always with maximum comfort.

This is why we invest in clothing items fitness which are not transparent, do not slip or fall, not even when you make large movements. This way, you can train without always worrying about what clothes you wear and just focus on the exercises you are doing!

Furthermore, since the Oito.Um pieces have several patterns and also monochromatic models, not only do you have a very varied range of choices, but you can also adapt each piece to your training locations: whether in the gym, on the beach, in the mountains or even in the city.

Let him say it to Inês Costa who, like you, adapts his training to the busyness of his day and, in addition to trying to diversify the activities he does, often trains in completely different environments. You've probably heard about Inês on social media, but now you can get to know her a little better, as well as her training!

Who is Inês Costa?

Inês Costa is 21 years old and is a Marketing student. She began her adventure in the digital world in 2014, having always enjoyed all the “magic” behind fashion production: the looks, the sets, the makeup and the editing.

It is this interest that makes her, to this day, dedicate herself to producing digital content for her social networks, from Instagram To your YouTube channel , which allows you to not only share your work but also communicate directly with your community.

Describing herself as a persistent and perfectionist person, Inês has already done figure skating and played volleyball for a few years, but has now started going to the gym, as it is more practical to “fit” into her daily routine. However, Inês Costa loves nature, which means that many of her training sessions are outdoors.

In addition to training, Inês loves camping, traveling, playing with her kitties – Fifi and Jaimi -, and would really like to try dance classes!


How does Inês Costa use Oito.Um?

Because she loves nature, but lives in Lisbon, Inês tries to combine training in the city, such as morning walks or climbing stairs, with training in nature, running and stretching on the beach and in the mountains or even yoga to the sound of the sea waves.

During her training sessions in the city, Inês Costa's choice is for sets of leggings It is tops or jumpsuits in smooth and more sober models, as is the case with luster blue jumpsuit or the top dash orange . Once in nature, Inês gives wings to her creativity and always uses bolder patterns, such as skin leggings or the grace butterfly jumpsuit .

If you want to know a little more about Inês Costa’s training and outfits, press play on the video below!

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