6 Boas Razões para Treinar na Rua by Chama a Sofia

6 Good Reasons to Workout Outside by Chama a Sofia

Training on the street

How many times have you seen people training on the street ? Are you curious to know what makes so many people do it these days? If you already train outdoors , you will certainly identify with some of the points I will highlight here. If you've never trained on the street, I hope I can awaken in you the desire to try it.

Training on the street or training in the gym?

How many times have you signed up to a gym and ended up giving up after a short time? This has probably already happened to you. This may be due to the fact that you don't feel comfortable training around unfamiliar people. Inevitably, this ends up making you feel inhibited and you start to lose motivation . But it may also be due to other factors.

Do you believe that the gym is too closed a place and that the time you spend in the office is enough? Do smells bother you when training with a lot of people in small spaces ? Do the schedules imposed on you for this type of training limit you or do they not suit your availability? Do you get irritated when that machine, which is part of your training lineup, is not available? Does the monotony of always doing the same training and the same classes tire you? In addition to physical training , do you need to relieve stress, stop feeling tired and improve your mental health ?

If you identify with some of these possibilities, I will challenge you to try outdoor training . There are at least 6 good reasons to do so.

Training on the street

6 Reasons to start training on the street now

1. You can train whenever you want

Training outdoors, there is no opening or closing time! You don't have to respect a fixed schedule. It's you who chooses . Train when you feel like it and where you feel like it.

2. You will feel more comfortable

It's natural that you might see people passing by on the street while you train. However, from experience, I can tell you that these people are not going to watch you. They're walking or in a hurry and won't stop to look at you. You can train at will! Over time, you won't even notice who passes by, because you'll be focused on your training .

3. You can breathe fresh air

We already spend too many hours indoors in our daily lives, whether in the office, at home or in the car. Don't you think that training on the street can be very liberating ? Believe it will help you eliminate accumulated stress. And on fantastic days with good weather (we have so many throughout the year) you will still get some sun. Imagine yourself with a beautiful tan all year round, without that dull winter color that no one likes.

4. You will only smell nature

When training outdoors, you won't smell the smell of people that you might experience in crowded gyms. The smells you will smell are only those of the green Nature around you. The scent of fallen leaves on the ground, the sea near you or the grass that surrounds you.

5. It will break the monotony

Training on the street allows you to do countless different activities , which eliminates monotony. You can train movements that are not usually done in gyms due to limited space. You'll feel more motivated and won't even think about giving up. This is how physical exercise becomes part of your routine!

6. You will be able to maintain physical and mental balance

Training outdoors helps her find balance. You become more motivated, your self-esteem increases and even your immune system improves. Stress levels decrease and tiredness can be transformed into energy . A new balance, physical and mental, will begin to be part of your day and you will feel the difference.

Training on the street

Advantages and disadvantages of practicing outdoor sports

Some questions may arise on your part about this type of training: Will the results you want be achieved? Want to lose weight? Are you looking for muscle toning ? Are you pregnant and want to train or are you already a mother and need to recover? Should your posture be corrected? Do you need something relaxing, like Yoga, for example?

All of this is possible to achieve with outdoor training . But, to do so, you have to accept my challenge and train on the street. Try it. Feel. You won't regret it!

It is, however, important to highlight that not everything is about benefits and that there are some factors to take into account. It's up to me, as a professional in this area, to inform you that there are also disadvantages to training on the street .

When you go outside to train alone , you may perform exercises that are not the best for you. Having a professional by your side allows you to assess your objectives , your characteristics and any pathologies that may exist. It also helps when you need to clarify doubts or correct exercises that you may be performing incorrectly.

Don't be discouraged yet! Nowadays, you can have a personalized outdoor training service at very affordable prices. Appreciate and value yourself! If you are curious and want to try it, ask for more information and ask any questions at Chama a Sofia . Send the link to this article to geral@chamaasofia.pt and benefit from a 10% discount on our services.

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