Treino HIIT para Queimar os Excessos da Páscoa by PT Inês Afonso

HIIT training to burn off Easter excesses by PT Inês Afonso

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HIIT training

Another festive season is approaching, inevitably associated with some caloric excesses. Is there a solution to prevent the Does Easter cause weight gain? According to personal trainer Inês Afonso , the answer is yes and it's called HIIT training .

How can we balance our caloric balance?

Inês Afonso was PT of the year at the Kalorias gym chain for two consecutive years. According to her, as with everything in life, balance is the golden rule . It is necessary to manage our caloric balance, looking at it calmly and without extremeism.

We can pamper our body with sugar, but always in the right amount and at the right time. To lose fat mass, Calorie intake must be lower than caloric expenditure .

Easter is a festive time that whets our appetite due to the huge variety of treats. From the colorful almonds to the chocolate eggs, not forgetting the delicious folares, everything is almost irresistible temptations. Therefore, the discipline is the keyword! You have to know manage calorie consumption and expenditure , always in a balanced way.

Easter in calories

Do you know that…

  • 100 g of chocolate egg = 550 to 600 kcal
  • 1 slice of folar (medium thickness) = 300 kcal
  • 1 Almond = 13 to 39 kcal

These values ​​make anyone despair, don't they? You should allow yourself to choose one sweet or another on Easter Day, but you will have to compensate for this excessive caloric intake, recommends PT Inês.

What does HIIT training consist of?

This specialist's proposal is one of the most effective training methods when it comes to calorie expenditure. It's called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT training . In Portuguese, it can be translated as High Intensity Interval Training . You've certainly heard of it, especially because it's one of the hottest in recent times. But do you know what it really consists of and what the benefits it brings to your body?

As the name suggests, HIIT training encompasses aerobic exercises at a high intensity level , in a short space of time. The exercises are interspersed with short periods of rest. The idea is to achieve the greater caloric expenditure shortest possible time .

This is, for Inês Afonso, a super effective and economical workout. There will be no more room for the “I don’t have time” excuse. It requires all your dedication and dedication, but there is a positive point: time flies by!

Hiit Workout

5 Benefits of HIIT training

The majority of the population that goes to the gym does not train with necessary intensity . In fact, this is the most overlooked factor in exercise. HIIT training combats this tendency and offers 5 great advantages for those who practice it:

  1. Improves the cardiorespiratory capacity ;
  2. Increases the metabolic expenditure ;
  3. Increases the muscle definition ;
  4. Increases the HGH production (growth hormone), as it is a high intensity training. This hormone is responsible for accelerating caloric expenditure and also for delay aging ;
  5. Its simple logistics allow do it anywhere (on the beach, on the street, in the garden or at home).

HIIT training

HIIT training suggestion to practice for half an hour

Challenge 1

Maximum rounds, in 15 minutes:

  • 40 Rope jumps;
  • 10 push-ups;
  • 15 Jump squats;
  • 40 Jumping jacks.

Challenge 2

In 15 minutes:

  • 30 Seconds – dynamic lunge with maximum intensity;
  • 10 Seconds – pause;
  • 30 Seconds – v-up;
  • 10 Seconds – pause;
  • 30 Seconds – board goes up and down;
  • 10 Seconds – pause;
  • 30 Seconds – sprints between two points.

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Inês Afonso Inês Afonso

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