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Find out how to choose the right sports top for your workouts!

Finding the right sports bra for the sport you practice should be a concern for any woman. Learn how to choose the best model for you!

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One of the biggest concerns for women who exercise is choosing the best sports top . In the world of fitness clothing , there are several alternatives available to improve the quality of training.

The sports top or bra is today a fashion icon , both indoors and in outdoor training! This is an essential piece in any sportswoman 's wardrobe, along with leggings and t-shirts.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of models on the market. These must be chosen depending on whether the training is carried out inside or outside the gym . You should also take into account the sport you practice, the intensity and also your personal taste.

Which model to choose? Today we help you select your sports top, but also other useful pieces when training.

Sports top: The search for feminine comfort

Sports tops are worn by many people, both in training and in everyday life. They have an attractive design and are available in various patterns and colors . Furthermore, they provide a feeling of extra comfort to any woman.

The sports bra is a very feminine and aesthetically attractive type of equipment. For this reason, it has already become a must-have for those who like to keep up with fashion trends .

Remember that this is the type of fitness clothing that provides the greatest support to the chest area. This ends up providing greater comfort and stability . Furthermore, it reduces the impact on the chest resulting from physical activity.

This piece of clothing is mandatory in sports that involve a medium to high impact on the chest area, such as running or boxing. Depending on the modality practiced, models with different packaging and supports at chest level should be chosen.

Selecting a suitable sports top has the ability to prevent sagging of fabrics . Furthermore, it prevents the chest from being excessively pressed with certain exercises .

Note that, for women with a larger cup, the concern should be choosing a piece with more support. The same happens when we talk about high-impact sports.

sports top

Sports T-shirts and tank tops: A basic for any sport

Nowadays, fitness fashion has an offer for any type of training. Sports t-shirts and tank tops , for example, adapt perfectly to the most diverse sports. This is because they offer practitioners a high degree of comfort and elasticity .

Many blouses are made from high compression fabrics or have some compression zones. This brings numerous benefits to your training, such as better movement or reduced muscle vibration . Furthermore, it helps to reduce muscle microtraumas , which occur during physical exercise.

Women's t-shirts and tank tops are among the fitness blouse models most used by female athletes. Whether in outdoor training , such as running and cycling, or indoor activities, such as pilates, yoga , crossfit and dance classes, they are ideal for ensuring maximum performance .

Thermal sweaters: A second skin

If your passion is practicing outdoor sports, then thermal sweaters are the option that best suits you! These pieces work like a second skin during outdoor training , such as running or cycling.

Thermal sweaters are manufactured using breathable and highly elastic fabrics , such as polyamide and elastane. Thus, they help you maintain your body temperature , which in turn increases comfort.

Another advantage of these blouses is the fact that they were developed using UV technology , which provides greater protection for the skin against ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, thanks to lumina technology , this type of equipment gives you greater visibility when training at night.

Choose the clothes that best suit your workouts and make them even more productive and stylish! Visit the Oito.Um online store and discover the wide range of sports tops, t-shirts and tank tops.


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