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Leggings for pregnant women: Train in comfort and freedom!

During pregnancy and postpartum, maternity leggings are essential pieces. Versatile and comfortable, they can be used inside or outside the gym.

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leggings for pregnant women

Exercising during pregnancy no longer means having to wear loose, boring pieces. Maternity leggings are very popular pieces, both during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. In addition to allowing you to train in comfort, they have the additional advantage of being able to be used outside the gym .

Exercise during pregnancy: Yes or no?

More and more studies are revealing the multiple benefits of exercising throughout pregnancy. And the advantages don't just apply to the mother , but also to the baby and their health in the first years of life.

Moderate and regular physical activity , such as walking or running , has beneficial effects on the fetus. Exercise practiced by the mother, especially in the third trimester, improves the baby's cardiovascular capacity while still in the womb.

As long as it is approved by health professionals, sport during pregnancy is highly recommended, as long as the woman takes some precautions.

Care to take to train safely during pregnancy

The first step is to seek your doctor 's recommendations. If there are no impediments, the ideal is to turn to a personal trainer to create and follow a specific and appropriate exercise plan.

In principle, women who already practiced sport before becoming pregnant will be able to continue during pregnancy, making some adjustments. Women who had more sedentary habits can start exercising, as long as they do it gradually.

Other precautions to take into consideration:

  • Always consult the opinion of your obstetrician-gynecologist (GO) before starting to train;
  • Practice accompanied, especially if you choose to do sports outdoors ;
  • Assess the body's reactions and slow down in case of discomfort or an exaggerated increase in heart rate;
  • Always maintain adequate hydration and prefer cool, ventilated places to train;
  • Avoid any activities that involve impacts or risk of falling .

In short, moderation is the key word and each case is different, so no two pregnancies are the same.

Maternity leggings to wear in and out of the gym

There are many changes that occur in a woman's body throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period . Despite this, it is a temporary state and, with proper care, the body will return to normal in a short time.

For this reason, it is preferable to choose adjustable pieces that follow the evolution of your silhouette over the months. By investing in some basic clothing of this type, it is possible to have a beautiful and, above all, comfortable wardrobe.

Maternity leggings are suitable for training and for everyday use, with loose tunics, for example. By opting for neutral colors , you can create various looks, casual or more sophisticated, and wear leggings outside the gym.

How to choose the best maternity leggings

For training at home , at the gym or simply for daily use, maternity leggings are an excellent option. To choose the best ones, some essential characteristics must be considered : comfort, support and resistance.

For greater comfort , the elasticity must be spread evenly throughout the material itself and not in tight elastics . Pregnant women should always avoid wearing items that excessively tighten any part of the body, especially the belly and legs.

Leggings should have a high, reinforced waistband that provides support without being too tight. It is also important to consider the number of washes the pieces will be subjected to. Maternity leggings should be made from good quality, resistant fabric for greater durability .

Volcano Leggings: Various models, same quality

leggings for pregnant women Volcano Leggings , in any of their versions, are one of the most sought after products at Oito.Um. Made with top -quality raw materials , they are carefully designed to fit together organically. They transmit the ideal level of compression and support to the pregnant woman's body, allowing total freedom of movement .

Its high, adjustable waistband allows you to snuggle your abdominal area, keeping the leggings in place during exercises. They can also be used after pregnancy, without anyone noticing that it is designed for pregnant women.

This model is made with UV 50+ protection technology that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. The design easily adapts to any style, both for training and for everyday use.

Combined with more formal pieces, Volcano are a very versatile option for women in general and particularly during pregnancy. Visit the Oito.Um online store and discover all the colors available.


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