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Sports leggings are an essential piece of clothing in every woman's wardrobe. Discover how to use them in the gym and in everyday life.

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Sports leggings can be very treacherous and dangerous pieces. But they can also be our best friends. Used as a day-to-day uniform, and especially if they are made of a fabric that is not very consistent or of poor quality, they do not benefit your silhouette . They also don't benefit your image or your life in general, believe me!

However, with the right design and material, like those from Oito.Um , sports leggings are suitable for the gym and any physical activity . Even for comfort and good performance, on these occasions it is best not to use any rags that you have hidden in the back of the closet. Choosing the right outfit for training helps with motivation and also with your sporty style .

At the gym or outdoor training, sports leggings are always an option

Sports leggings are ideal for women who enjoy zen and calm practices, such as yoga or pilates . But they are equally essential for more active and impactful activities, such as dancing, cycling and even Crossfit.

Whether inside the gym or outside , they are an extremely versatile option. They are flexible, resistant, adjustable pieces that accommodate curves. This allows you to feel confident and comfortable working on your body on strength or flexibility , without hindering any movements.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, there are many available options – plain or printed, in more discreet or striking tones – and suitable for any sporting personality . So, you can create your mini exercise closet using different colors and patterns (floral, geometric or abstract).

You can explore the versatility of leggings with the possible combinations with tops. Or you can even opt for a sports bra or t-shirt to match, in more contrasting, monochromatic harmonies or even a mix of patterns. It doesn't get more modern and original than this!

The best way to wear sports leggings on a daily basis

Using sports leggings as a systematic everyday look can be dangerous. It's easy to fall into a style that's too comfortable and casual . You run the risk of opting for a very sporty look for occasions that may require a little more poise. However, this is possible even with leggings. Just avoid resorting to the full sports look when you're not actually exercising.

In everyday life, sports leggings work best if they are combined with other less casual or even more classic pieces (for example, with a simple longer, flowing white shirt and, perhaps, some ankle boots).

The more urban footwear and top will cut through the sporty style of the leggings and create a comfortable set . This way, you will have a look that is more suitable for casual appointments from one place to another or even for traveling.

I have one more example for you. You can wear sports leggings in a layered winter look , with a longer, looser t-shirt or knit sweater. To top it off, put a leather jacket on top and some sneakers or ankle boots . The richer fabric of the jacket, in itself, already provides the necessary touch to transfer the leggings from the sports context to the urban world . The result is more sophisticated.

In short and in conclusion, sports leggings are a must-have in your closet. They are essential and super versatile, both for your gym and everyday outfits. Discover our complete line in the Oito.Um online store .


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