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Portuguese sports brands on the rise in fitness fashion

The commitment to quality and innovation has led Portuguese sports brands such as Oito.Um to conquer the national and international market.

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Portuguese sports brands

When we think of Portuguese sports brands , there is one name that immediately comes to mind. We are talking about Mike Davis, with more than 40 years of presence in the national and international market. This is perhaps the most emblematic ambassador of national sports brands. On the path to success, other Portuguese brands have emerged on the market, which are also beginning to “do their business”, both at home and abroad.

One of these brands is Oito.Um , a reference in the world of fitness clothing in Portugal . It has an online store that allows its customers to purchase sports items in a simple, quick and convenient way.

In addition, Oito.Um is concerned with keeping up with the latest fashion trends to ensure that women always feel beautiful and comfortable during training .

Oito.Um: A reference among Portuguese sports brands

New in Town (NiT), a reference publication in the area of ​​leisure and lifestyle, highlighted Oito.Um among Portuguese sports brands. In the article, which you can read here , he considered that one of the brand's added values ​​was combining Portuguese design “with the quality of materials and sewing in the Brazilian market”.

Among the main advantages of Oito.Um fitness clothing highlighted by NiT, the following stand out:

  • Rapid evaporation of perspiration;
  • Greater absorption capacity;
  • Greater ability to maintain body temperature;
  • Reflective details;
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays.

These characteristics make Oito.Um one of the best Portuguese sports brands . The clothing items sold are suitable for both outdoor training and gym training. Currently, in the online store, the brand offers a wide range of women's clothing that includes leggings , tops , jumpsuits , t-shirts and corsages .

As distinctive features of what is already one of the most irreverent Portuguese sports brands, the strong and bold colors stand out. Furthermore, Oito.Um stands out for its innovative and unusual pieces and the excellent quality of the materials used in its design.

Fitness clothing attracts new athletes to gyms

In recent years, the practice of sport has grown significantly, with people of all ages joining gyms. In this context, innovative, more attractive and comfortable sportswear pieces also emerged, designed especially for the female audience.

Fitness fashion seeks to respond to greater awareness of well-being and health , as well as new ways of thinking, more focused on harmony with nature .

Portuguese sports brands have made a strong contribution to this trend, which has become widespread across the country. Furthermore, they help women feel more beautiful and feminine when they are training.

The focus on colors, patterns and designs of these new lines of sportswear ended up becoming additional motivation to return to training. More than fitness clothing , brands today create fashion pieces that any woman aspires to wear, inside and outside the gym.

The days of training in old sweatpants and baggy sweaters are over. In the Oito.Um online store, everything is just a click away! Choose and buy your favorite fitness fashion pieces from your sofa in complete safety. Then, all you need to do is start training and get into your best shape ever!

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