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Healthy lunchbox when returning to work by Maria Travassos

Taking a healthy and balanced lunch to work has several benefits. Follow these tips and improve your eating habits!

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After so long in isolation, we are slowly beginning to return to a “new normal”. With the hurried daily routine that we were already used to, the lack of time and the difficulty in managing weekly meals also return. A simple and useful way to ensure good nutrition , even on the most chaotic days, is to stick to a healthy lunch box . In addition to the clear benefits for our health , taking our lunch box to work has a series of other advantages that I would like to share with you.

5 Advantages of a healthy lunchbox

1. It's more economical

When we go to a restaurant, it's difficult to find healthy options at affordable prices. If we put aside the money we would invest in lunch, we will be surprised at the end of the month!

2. It's healthier

If we prepare our meals ourselves, we can ensure that our food choices are more appropriate.

3. Gives you greater control over what you eat

By managing the amount of fat, salt and sugar we include in our lunch, we can leave less healthy exceptions for planned moments and not just “because there is no other alternative”.

4. Avoid waste

A healthy lunch box is the perfect way, for example, to make the most of dinner leftovers and minimize food waste.

5. It's tastier

When we take food cooked and seasoned by us to the workplace, we guarantee that the meal is made “to our measure”, according to our tastes and preferences.

7 Tips for preparing your healthy lunch box

For your lunch box to be effectively healthy, there are some tips you should follow when preparing it:

  1. Always start the meal with vegetable soup , which can be carried in a thermos, for example. The soup should contain a variety of vegetables and, if possible, not be completely ground into cream;
  2. Always include good sources of protein in your healthy lunch box;
  3. When choosing canned foods, prefer versions in water (natural) and with a low salt content ;
  4. Include legumes in your eating routine;
  5. Prefer confections with little added fat and avoid fried foods ;
  6. Don't forget that vegetables should fill half the plate. Cooked, grilled or oven-baked vegetables can be more practical options than salads, as they can be placed directly in the healthy lunchbox, together with the main dish;
  7. For dessert, opt for a piece of fruit or sugar-free gelatin.

Although it requires a little more effort than going to a restaurant, taking a healthy lunch to work is, without a doubt, a practical and economical choice. With some organization the night before, this option allows us to make our own food choices, save money and maintain a healthy diet .

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