Tonificar Braços: 3 Dicas para Conseguir Resultados!

Toning Arms: 3 Tips to Get Results!

tone arms

Tone arms It's something many women want. However, when training, they waste little time in selecting the appropriate exercises for the purpose.

To maintain the Strong, toned arms don't take much time and effort. It is estimated that 20 minutes a week is enough to achieve results. However, it is necessary to take into account the weight lifted and the frequency of exercises.

3 Tips for toning arms

1. Train frequently and focus on repetitions

If you want to avoid an increase in fat on your arms and show them off without complexes in the summer, the recipe is simple: you should lift weights frequently (at least twice a week).

Contrary to what many people think, repetitions are more important than intensity that is applied to the movements. Using the correct weight is essential, as is combining the work of biceps and triceps . This formula must be repeated, as this is the only way to be successful!

2. Choose the ideal weight for you

To get To tone your arms , you should start with as little weight as possible to avoid injuries. Once you know your starting strength level and learn how to lift the weights correctly , without straining your back, you must find those that suit you and your body.

As mentioned previously, repetitions are essential. Therefore, after finding the ideal equipment for your muscles , you can go to 12 repetitions and increase the frequency.

If your goal is to tone and keep your arms in a slimmer shape, without too much muscle, the 12 repetitions are perfect, as they increase a maximum of 5% or 10% of your weight.

3. Do series of exercises

The ideal is to do five sets of exercise with weights for about 20 minutes at least twice a week. Make a pause between each series of three exercises is also relevant. These should be spaced between 20 and 60 seconds.

Avoid stagnation. You can change your training every four to six weeks, so that your body does not adapt to the same routine.

Between the The best exercises to tone arms are:

  • Shoulder press;
  • Flat barbell bench press;
  • Triceps extension with pulley;
  • Extension of the elbows with dumbbells;
  • Bicep curl.

Essential advice to remember

  • 20 Minutes a week are enough to achieve results;
  • You must train at least twice a week;
  • Always start with as little weight as possible, until your body gets used to it;
  • Repeat the movements 12 times (repetitions are essential);
  • The ideal is to do five sets of exercises in each workout;
  • Take 20 to 60 second breaks.

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