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Printed leggings: How to combine them inside and outside the gym!

Printed leggings are a trend. Learn how to combine them for training and everyday use! Feel beautiful and comfortable!

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printed leggings

Printed leggings are already a trend for all sports lovers, but not only!

Given their extremely flexible and body-fitting shape, they are perfect for a trip to the gym or for outdoor training, dance or Yoga classes, as well as for practicing Pilates or Crossfit.

However, the comfort provided by sports leggings goes beyond the gym or an outdoor run . The female public has already adopted this clothing in their daily lives and the truth is that, given the huge variety of printed leggings available, they are already suitable for various types of contexts.

Whether with floral , geometric , cosmic , city or abstract patterns , there are several looks that printed leggings can create, managing to meet all tastes and demands.

printed leggings

Printed leggings: The joy of the gym

Printed leggings are seen in every gym and give the female public multiple opportunities to combine other pieces of clothing. If, sometimes, the choice between staying at home and going to the gym becomes a task that requires a certain amount of effort and mentalization, having a nice look that you really like to wear to the gym can help you gain motivation !

These sports leggings can be combined, for example, with a sports top or bra or sports t-shirts and tank tops of the same pattern, achieving a more elegant and aesthetic style. Likewise, you can opt for a top or sports t-shirt in a single neutral tone or in a color that is present in the pattern of the leggings.

During the colder months, and especially if you are training outdoors, also wear a thermal sweater . This will act as a second skin and maintain the body's natural temperature.

printed leggings

Printed leggings for everyday life

Fashion icon during the 80s, printed leggings once again asserted their place in 21st century wardrobes. If in the gym they can be combined with an infinite number of patterns and textures , in everyday life it is necessary to be careful and use common sense when combining them with other clothes.

As they are a tight-fitting garment with a pattern, printed leggings should be paired with a more sober top, such as loose, plain shirts or sweaters or those with few details. Also opt for neutral colors , such as presto, white, light pink or gray, as these will balance the entire look.

As for footwear, the best solution is flat shoes, sneakers or boots , given the more relaxed nature of this leggings model.

printed leggings

With so many patterns to choose from, be adventurous and create your own looks with printed leggings . In addition to adhering to new trends, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable throughout the day!

At Oito.Um , we offer a huge variety of sports leggings, made with quality fabrics and designed to perfectly fit your silhouette. Visit our online store and find the leggings that will make you feel unique!


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