mindful eating

Mindful eating: Learn to eat consciously by Diana Dinis

Discover the benefits of mindful eating to achieve sustainable and lasting dietary changes and a healthier lifestyle.

mindful eating

There's no denying that making changes to your eating habits is difficult. Our diet is closely linked to childhood, memories and the lifestyle we have led over the years. However, it is important to realize when it is time to adopt a mindful eating attitude. The truth is that food has a direct influence on our health and the aging process.

How did the NutriMind project come about?

In consultation, as a nutritionist, I felt the need to help change my patients' eating behavior . I started studying mindful eating and the NutriMind project was born.

In order to combine the psychological component with the nutritional aspect , I invited psychologist Joana Meira to the project. Therefore, those who join the program not only benefit from nutritional monitoring. You also learn to prioritize slow food and introduce mindful eating into your daily life.

Mindful eating : What does it consist of and what are the objectives?

The mindful eating movement aims to teach you how to eat consciously and according to your body's needs. This concept (represented in the figure below) aims to learn to stop, listen and recognize what is truly important for your health and control the way you eat.

Mindful eating also aims to combat impulsive, compulsive and uncontrolled eating. With nutritional monitoring based on mindful eating , you will be able to identify the triggers that trigger emotional hunger and control yourself when these moments arise.

This movement also focuses on changing lifestyle habits and, consequently, helps you achieve your goals, such as weight loss , for example.

The two practical activities implemented throughout the project – slow food It is mindfulness – are crucial for developing conscious eating habits .

Who can benefit from mindful eating ?

According to the World Health Organization , 95% of people who diet and manage to lose weight regain all the weight lost, or even more, in just 5 years.

To change your eating lifestyle and implement a diet , you must change your behavior . This is essential to achieve an effective and permanent change , otherwise it will be just another diet, which in no way changes your eating behavior.

On the other hand, in today's society, with the hectic pace of everyday life, it is understandable that you may have difficulty planning a correct and balanced diet . Maybe you convince yourself that you don't have time to cook or go shopping. What does this lead to?

If you are more stressed, bored or tired, you are likely to take refuge in food and not listen to your body's real needs. Without realizing it, you are eating more than necessary and not always with quality.

In short, food serves to nourish your body, giving it energy for daily activities and not to overcome emotional states. Herein lies the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger . The program helps to distinguish them, as well as apply dietary and psychological strategies to overcome emotional hunger.

Diana Dinis Diana Dinis

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