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How to organize your sports clothes, by PersonalOrganizer.PT

Discover 5 tips to organize your sports clothes in the best way and keep everything in the right place. Save time and increase your well-being.

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You have certainly come across the term Personal Organizer (PO) or Professional Organizer . You may have even heard of one of the most famous POs today, the Japanese writer and personal organization expert Marie Kondo . But, do you know exactly how important it is to organize spaces?

Have you ever thought about how useful it would be to have a professional guide you, for example, in organizing your sports clothes ? A PO helps make spaces more functional, increasing your comfort and well-being.

The purpose of this article is to share some tips for organizing your sports clothes , but before we start, let's clarify the difference between organizing and tidying :

  • Tidying up simply consists of placing all the items in your space, with a more aesthetic sense. For example, putting all the clothes in the wardrobe;
  • Organizing is arranging these items using logical criteria, organizing them by categories or functionalities. In the case of clothing, you could categorize it by type of item, by color or by usefulness in your daily life.

In other words, when spaces are organized, after using your objects, you will always know where to store them, returning each one to the right place.

5 Essential tips for organizing your sports clothes

To keep your sports clothes properly organized and simplify your daily routine, there are 5 recommendations that you can and should follow:

1. Start by planning

Before starting to organize your closet , you need to make a plan, or checklist, to understand how much time you have available for this task. Organizing also takes time and, if this is a process that you are going to start alone, you need to pay attention to some details.

Do you have a lot of sports clothes to organize, but do you have to balance it with other tasks? The best option is to work in stages, to prevent the process from becoming tiring or confusing. Sort the pieces by categories and create goals. For example, start by organizing your hiking clothes . When you're done, you'll certainly feel happier and more motivated to move on to the next task.

2. Sort and don’t accumulate junk

As you remove your sports clothes from your wardrobe, separate the items that you want to keep and those that you no longer use. You can, for example, donate or sell some of this clothing.

3. Separate sports clothing by categories

Now that you've decided what you're going to keep, it's time to start separating your sportswear into categories. For example: tops, short leggings , long leggings, shorts, watches , gloves, earphones, hairbands and other sports accessories.

4. Set a place for each item

In this case, where we are specifically organizing sports clothing , the ideal is to distribute it across drawers, boxes or organizing hives, as these are mostly thin pieces of clothing that do not take up much space.

5. Fold everything into equal sizes

This process makes all the difference in having a truly organized space. By folding all the pieces into the same size, you will be able to better visualize everything you have. Our suggestion is that you use molds (templates) because they make executing the fold much easier.

Organizing increases well-being

Definitely, organization is not just a matter of visuals or appearances, it is a process that starts from the inside out. An organized environment brings a better quality of life , less stress and allows us to have more time to do things we enjoy, such as practicing physical activity .

At * we provide personalized services. Before we quote a job, we visit the client's home to understand the number of elements and the space available. The organization solutions we propose are always tailored to that space, in order to optimize all areas. We provide a turnkey service, from the beginning to the end of a move, considering the complete organization of the space, whether it be a home or an office.


Now that you've learned the main tips for organizing all your sports clothes, it's time to renew your closet. Visit the Oito.Um online store and choose the best pieces for you!


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