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10 Training Tips to Start Today by Joana Pereira Fitness

Discover these 10 training tips from Joana Pereira Fitness to start a healthier life and increase your well-being.

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The end of the year usually brings with it countless resolutions and plans to improve our lives. However, if we never start, we will never achieve these goals. Today, we share 10 training tips to make it easier to start exercising. If you have the goal of improving your health and well-being , this advice is right for you!

1. Focus on a healthy diet

Start by reducing – or even eliminating – what is not good for you (sweets, fried foods, soft drinks, among others). Excluding small things from everyday life helps to reprogram our organism, little by little and without extremes.

A tip that works: keep your pantry and fridge full of healthy and appetizing foods ! By practicing a healthy diet , you will go into training with more energy.

2. Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated throughout the day (and even more so on training days) is easy if you always have water with you. A little trick is to take 10 sips in a row each time you drink water. For those who don't like water, tea is an excellent alternative (without sugar, of course).

3. Start “today” instead of “next Monday”

Tomorrow can always be postponed and even never arrive. Waiting for the perfect day is an excuse not to start training .

Don't be scared, because you don't need to change your entire routine from one day to the next. The important thing is to start healthy habits gradually , one after the other, until they become part of your life. Starting today is perhaps one of the most important training tips . The rest comes later!

4. Create realistic goals

If you've never worked out, or are constantly in and out of the gym, don't start exercising 6 times a week. Find a middle ground that allows you to understand your ideal training routine .

Naturally, if you train every day, the results will be faster, but the important thing is to feel good and balanced. We don't want you to become discouraged at the beginning by having to go to the gym so often. We know that this change can have a big impact on your daily routine.

Follow this training tip: exercising 3 times a week will also achieve the results you are looking for, without stress or frustration.

5. Give it time

The body needs time to readapt, as results do not arrive overnight. But, for the sake of your health, maintain healthy habits regardless of whether the results are more or less quick and more or less visible.

Physical exercise should be an integral part of your life and not just a phase to, for example, achieve a flat stomach . Focusing on well-being requires dedication and resilience.

6. Don't forget: the training tips are with your health in mind

Exercise is not just a summer body aid, far from it. When you start training frequently you will realize that physical activity works as a prophylactic medicine.

You will feel improvements on many levels, some of which you didn't even know were taking away your quality of life . You will have more energy, regain flexibility, see some pain disappear, among other changes. After a while, you will no longer feel well (physically and mentally) without your physical activity routine.

7. Consider strength training over cardio

This is one of the most pertinent training tips these days. Many people waste hours on the treadmill or on the bike when they could do 3 or 4 exercises that would burn triple the calories.

The myth remains that bodybuilding is for those who want to have large, clearly visible muscles. Disappoint yourself! Cardio exercises are a good complement, but weight training is generally the most effective weight loss and toning workout .

Of course we work in different ways, but try exchanging a few minutes of cardio for 3 sets of exercises with around 10/20 repetitions each (depending on your capacity, increase or decrease the repetitions). This training tip will certainly surprise you with its results!

8. Look for new and different physical activities

Even if you can burn more calories with weight training , it may not be what you enjoy doing most. The good news is that there is a wide variety of modalities available. You can choose between group classes (zumba, cycling, body combat, among others), less hectic classes (pilates, yoga), swimming or outdoor training. You can even train at home !

Combine different types of exercise according to your goals or do alternate workouts at different intensities. Physical activity does not have to be monotonous, nor does it necessarily involve going to the gym .

None of the training tips suggested so far will be successful if you don't find something that gives you pleasure. After a while, if you don't like it, you'll end up giving up.

9. Don't wait for company to start training

The company may not arrive, so start alone ! It can be difficult to unlock, but once you start it will always be easier. In a short time, practicing physical exercise will become essential in your life.

10. Despite these training tips, accept that it is not always easy

At first, there are days when it's difficult to resist sweets and the desire to stay on the couch is greater. Breaking a routine, whatever it may be, requires effort. Still, it's not worth waiting for all the conditions in your life to be favorable to change.

Start today and always keep these training tips in mind that will help whenever you lack the motivation to train .

Joana Pereira
Joana Pereira

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