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How to buy the best sportswear for running?

Do you know how to choose the best sportswear for running? Read this article and discover 3 aspects to take into account when purchasing!

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The sports clothing chosen by those who practice running can affect performance. It's in the small details that the secret lies and running clothing is no exception.

The technology present in sports clothing varies depending on the sport practiced. In the case of running , the focus is on how the fabric fits the body or how it protects it from external aggressions (for example, UV rays). The selected pieces play a crucial role in comfort during training and will influence your performance.

Therefore, knowing the most suitable clothing for running is important. Whether on the street or on the treadmill at the gym, make sure you're comfortable and prepared for your workout. Pay attention to these 3 factors when choosing what to wear for your run.

3 Things to consider when choosing sportswear for running

1. Comfort and quality of materials

The comfort of the clothes we wear is, without a doubt, one of the most important criteria. Whether it's a top, t-shirt or leggings, choosing clothes that suit your body shape is essential. What is comfortable for one person may be uncomfortable for another. This becomes even more relevant when we talk about sportswear for running .

The quality of the materials influences your comfort and cannot be forgotten. When buying running clothes, think of them as your second skin. It should follow your movements, giving you space to move and breathe perfectly.

Pieces that are too tight can prevent correct blood circulation or even cause pain later. Furthermore, the quality of the fabric determines the maintenance of elasticity and other properties of the piece after several uses and washes.

A sports bra , for example, is designed to ensure maximum comfort while running. Its support is reinforced to protect against shocks without you feeling trapped. The fabric used must let the skin breathe, allowing sweat to evaporate quickly.

2. The technology present in the fabric

As important as comfort is the technology applied to fitness clothing . Textile technology has evolved a lot and, currently, it can really make the difference between being able to run 20 or 40 minutes.

There are several examples of innovations in sports clothing, such as compression clothing, increased breathability of fabrics and seamless technology.

Compression clothing is not a recent invention, but it is one of the most important in the world of sport. They are extremely light pieces, do not get in the way during training and do not retain sweat. Furthermore, they avoid wasting energy during muscle contraction.

As for the breathability of the fabrics , this has been improved over time. Items such as t-shirts, leggings or jumpsuits have become increasingly ventilated. This way, sweat evaporates more quickly, allowing you to maintain your body temperature throughout the race.

Finally, seamless technology puts an end to uncomfortable seams that cause friction and skin irritation during training. Seamless running clothing is even more comfortable, adjusting to the body to allow greater freedom of movement.

3. Season and weather

The sportswear you choose for running must protect you from different external aggressions, especially if you train outside . Running outdoors means you are subject to the demands of the weather and temperature variations. You might be lucky enough to find a sunny day, or you might end up training in the rain.

In addition to comfort, incorporated technology and breathability, sports pieces must also function as real armor. Regardless of the temperature, it is important that they protect you from UV rays, avoiding sunburns or other skin injuries.

At Oito.Um we know that clothing should be adapted to the sport you practice. Our pieces are created with quality fabrics and use the latest technology, to provide more comfort during all your runs. Discover our collection of sportswear for running now!


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