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Training and bodybuilding clothing for women: 5 essential pieces

Training and bodybuilding clothing must allow freedom and comfort in each movement. Discover the 5 essential pieces for a good workout!

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Training and bodybuilding clothing can be a good ally for women in their sports performance. When chosen well, it can significantly help with your training.

Within fitness fashion , there are pieces for all tastes. Regardless of the modality, you can find a wide variety of models, colors and patterns. Doing one of those worthwhile workouts is always good, but doing it in comfort and style is even better!

How to choose clothes for training?

Anyone who practices bodybuilding or other sports knows that you cannot have a sculpted body without effort, discipline and patience. Likewise, there are aspects that influence training, in addition to the type of exercises you do to gain muscle mass . When choosing training or bodybuilding clothing, it is important to prioritize quality and be selective in the type of items you wear.

Choose pieces that function as a “second skin”, but are not too tight. The important thing is to facilitate movements without impeding the normal flow of circulation. Furthermore, avoid very hot items and give preference to breathable fabrics . When choosing a top or sports bra , always pay attention to the type of support it offers.

Whatever your training or bodybuilding goals, choose the fitness clothing you are going to wear carefully. To help you, we share 5 pieces that cannot be missing from your closet.

5 Essential pieces of clothing for training and bodybuilding

1. Leggings

Leggings are one of the essential items in your gym bag . This type of pants are also one of the best pieces of training and bodybuilding clothing. Because they are tight, they stimulate circulation and support the muscles.

Comfortable, practical and versatile, leggings are a good option for your sports wardrobe. The variety of colors and patterns is great, as is the diversity of combinations that can be created.

In addition to being able to use them for training, they can also be used as part of your outfit to go to the supermarket. They are easy to wash and dry quickly, thanks to the materials they are made of.

2. Top

The sports top or bra is an essential piece for an athlete. It is also an essential item for training in comfort . In addition to providing support in the chest area during exercise, it also provides protection to that area of ​​the body.

Choose a quality top made from breathable materials, with adequate elasticity and, preferably, seamless . This way, it will adjust to your body without irritating your skin or creating marks. Furthermore, especially if you have a large chest, you should look for pieces that offer good support.

3. Regatta

A tank top is basically a short t-shirt with wide straps instead of sleeves. In addition to being fresh, it is a very light piece.

The tank tops are made of cotton and polyester and are very comfortable and practical, adapting to a wide variety of sports.

This type of piece is perfect to wear over a top or together with leggings or cycling shorts . Furthermore, at Oito.Um you will find models with inspiring phrases that give extra motivation for training!

4. Cycling shorts

Anyone who thinks that cycling shorts are only suitable for cardio sessions is wrong! These pieces are made from an innovative quality material (Supplex), which makes them comfortable and durable. Its elasticity means that the fabric fits perfectly to the body, maintaining freedom of movement.

Like leggings, this is a simple but very versatile piece. The good support that these shorts offer makes you forget that you have them on.

The compression they exert supports your muscles and helps you train! If you prefer short shorts or are looking for an option for hot days, this is an excellent solution.

5. Sports jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is the ideal training clothing for bodybuilding or any other sport.

There are several reasons to train in overalls , but one of the main ones is the safety it offers. Even in the broadest movements, thanks to its structure and support, nothing moves out of place, so you can train at ease! The elasticity of the materials makes it fit perfectly to your body.

At Oito.Um we believe that comfort during training is essential and indispensable for any woman. We have a wide variety of models, lengths, patterns, colors and neckline shapes to suit all tastes.

We create sportswear using the latest textile technology, combining flexibility with the materials' evaporation capacity. Visit our online store and discover the best training and bodybuilding clothes to make you feel beautiful!


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