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Choose suitable sportswear and increase your performance

Discover how to choose sportswear with features suited to your workouts and watch your performance increase.

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Sportswear is increasingly diverse, beautiful and technologically developed. Not all clothes are suitable for playing sports – old t-shirts from home are not the best option for training.

Today's sportswear is designed to improve performance, which is why there are leggings, t-shirts, jumpsuits and shorts suitable for each activity. Discover what you should take into account to feel more comfortable and improve performance during training.

Technology applied to textiles

Technological textiles have shown visible progress in recent years, allowing interesting features for those who practice sports:

  • Sanitizing finish : to avoid sweat odor. It is ideal for activities such as running or cycling , where perspiration levels are high;
  • Dry technology : for faster drying. This technology allows the sweat absorbed by your clothes to evaporate more quickly, leaving you dry and your clothes light. You will always feel light and fresh during group classes , for example;
  • Seamless fabrication : this is clothing produced using the latest technology, allowing for a reduction in the number of seams, which results in greater wearing comfort.

There are tops , leggings, shorts and jumpsuits with these characteristics so that your workouts are comfortable and safe.

Elasticity of materials

The elasticity of fitness pieces is important in all activities, but especially in those that require more flexibility, such as pilates and yoga . If you're looking for sportswear that allows you a wide range of movement, try:

  • Sports jumpsuit : always remains fixed and adjusted to the body, whatever its movement;
  • Moving360 fabric pieces: have more elasticity than common Lycra and always return to their original shape, without deforming. This material is also very resistant and, therefore, lasts longer than usual.

Support in the chest area

It is essential to wear a sports bra (or top) when training. It can be reinforced on the chest, with pillows, or, for those who prefer without pillows, there are also solutions with medium-low support but which will avoid pain and discomfort during exercise.

In medium and high impact activities (such as jumping rope or boxing) it is particularly important to wear a top with good support, as it reduces the risk of injury. 

Compression sportswear

Compression sportswear is essential in activities that heavily use muscle chains. They are firm pieces that fit your body and help you:

  • Stimulate blood circulation and, consequently, blood oxygenation. This prevents the formation of blood clots and facilitates physical recovery.
  • Avoid injuries before, during and after training. Compression increases the efficiency of muscles when exerting themselves and its firmness promotes the adoption of appropriate postures.

Compression leggings and shorts are highly sought after by those who run (professional or not) and those who do CrossFit . If you have questions about the various fabrics we use and their characteristics, see our fabric guide to help you choose.

3 Care to take when choosing your sports clothes

1. Choose the right size

Buy the size that suits your body: not big, not small. Sportswear must be, above all, comfortable. Favor stores that allow exchanges after purchase and don't risk wearing very tight pieces, which will make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Feel beautiful

Choose cute sportswear that fits you well. Feeling beautiful is the best source of motivation to train !

3. Think about the temperature

Adjust clothes to room temperature. It's important to always train in light, breathable clothing, because even on the coldest days your temperature will warm up and your body will appreciate the cooling.

But it's also worth not forgetting that your body temperature will drop at the end of your workout, so take precautions with a light jacket or sweater .

Parts you should avoid

  • Too tight, because they can restrict movements and hinder blood circulation;
  • Too wide and long, as they can get caught in gym machines;
  • Items with clasps, pendants and charms are dangerous as they can cause injuries. Avoid them so you don't get hurt. Fitness fashion is increasingly beautiful, but it is always practical;
  • Old clothes that you have stored at home were not designed for exercise. They are often heavy, uncomfortable and not very breathable.

Wearing the right sportswear has an impact on your performance. With it you should feel 100% comfortable, that is, neither hot nor cold, have freedom of movement and, of course, feel beautiful.

At Oito.Um we have a wide variety of models to present to you. These pieces are suitable for different tastes and different physical activities, designed to provide maximum comfort for those who exercise.


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