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The perfect body exists: it's yours! by Patrícia Correia

The search for the perfect body is one of the biggest concerns for many women. But the biggest secret is knowing how to value your body.

Perfect body

How many of us spend hours looking at photos of women who we say have the perfect body ? How many of us aspire to have the physical shape of an Instagram fitness model? Or that old school friend we didn't even like?

It's very unlikely that anyone will say they've never done it and that's scary. And it's even worse if we think that this comparison with other women serves to make us inferior.

It's not fair to us, nor is it healthy . It's our body! Only ours! We were born with it, we live with it and we will die with it. And isn't the beauty of the world that we are all different? Why do we continue to make comparisons that are not good for us? Why do we hurt ourselves so much?

My journey in search of the perfect body 

For those who don't know me, my name is Patrícia Correia, I was born in Leiria and I'm 22 years old. In 2014, I decided to join a gym and I immediately felt at home.

At that point, I knew that helping people through physical exercise was my role. And so it was! I graduated in Sports and Wellbeing at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. I currently teach children and adults, whether in the area of ​​dance , fitness or personal training .

The decision to graduate in Sports was a big surprise for many. This is because until I was 13 I suffered from being overweight and Physical Education was far from being my favorite subject.

I went through extreme diets like intermittent fasting and the low carb ketogenic diet. I invested in twice-daily cardio training , weight training and group classes . Believe me, I did everything to achieve what I dreamed of being the perfect body. If it ever happened? No! And do you know why? Because our mentality changes and our tastes seem like a roller coaster. Often, we are unable to even keep up with so much change.

I already wished I was a Carolina Patrocínio (skinny and with ripped abs). Next, I wanted to be Sophie Arvebrink (super muscular, with volume, but defined). And not long ago I dreamed of Denice Moberg's body (thick legs and flat stomach ).

If we change our concept of beauty so much, imagine the perspective we have of ourselves. Our body also ends up being subjected to these constant changes.

We are our own body's biggest enemies

Some people want to be thin, others fatter, some tall and others shorter. There are those who complain about having small breasts and there are those who hate the fact that theirs are so big. Furthermore, cellulite, stretch marks and strokes are conditions that no one likes.

You've probably looked at someone with the physical characteristics you have and hated them. However, he never found anything wrong with this person. In fact, he found her beautiful and without any flaws. If we think this about other people, why do we continue to hate our bodies ?

Are we going to try to forget “beauty standards”, “perfect women” and the “ideal body” and accept everything that is part of us? Are we going to face the world in a more positive way? Your body is perfect, you are unique and therefore you must take care of yourself. Treat yourself and tell yourself how amazing you are and how much you deserve to be happy!

No one will ever be able to please everyone. Not even Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez can do it. So, stop thinking about whether you are pleasing in the eyes of the world and simply be pleasing to your own. You can choose to have the “perfect body”. Just make it yours!

Patricia Correia Patricia Correia

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