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The healthy diet that will revolutionize 2020 by Daniela Duarte

After overeating, start 2020 with a healthy diet. We give you 3 pieces of advice to be successful in this resolution.

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After the holidays, ads echo detox miracles. The desire to adopt a healthy diet to compensate for excesses means that 15-day plans are widely adopted every January.

When we think about the period following the festivities , there are two important things to highlight. The first is that this is an atypical phase of the year and with some exaggerations committed by the vast majority of people. The second is that, once this season is over, it is time to return to daily routines with balance.

While it is true that we can and should do something to minimize the effect of overeating , it is also true that the liver has the ability to do this naturally. It is not necessary to consume the amount of broccoli needed for three months in three days just to ensure quick loss . Often, these rapid losses are nothing more or less than water losses.

3 Steps to starting a healthy diet

The healthy diet that will revolutionize 2020 is the same one that revolutionized previous years: balance!

Changing eating habits and re-educating your diet takes time. It is important to have an “open” mind to give opportunities to nutritious foods that may not be part of our daily routine . Gradually, these will end up replacing less healthy ones.

The simplest and easiest way to start adopting a healthy diet is:

1. Register

Divide a sheet in half. Place your goals for 2020 on the left side and three important aspects on the right that you are considering changing in the first month.

On the back of the sheet, start a record of your food consumption . There is a great tendency to underestimate what we eat. However, food is crucial to our well-being. As such, it should not be undervalued.

2. Quantify food

Most people are unaware of how much food they eat at mealtimes. Use homemade measurements or even a scale to weigh the food you eat. This way, you will have a healthier diet in 2020.

3. Color the plate

Once the meal is served, if your plate isn't colorful, it probably won't be balanced. My advice is to serve half the dish with vegetables , because they have a higher fiber content . As such, they allow us to feel fuller and prevent blood sugar spikes.

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