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Carbohydrates in the diet – Yes or no? by Tânia Tinoco

Should carbohydrates really be avoided? Find out whether or not you should include them in your diet.


There is a lot of negative information that circulates around carbohydrates . Nowadays, these nutrients are almost always considered the culprits of all those extra pounds. They have been labeled as “ enemies ” in any diet whose objective is weight loss .

Arriving at an appointment and saying “Doctor, I don’t eat pasta, rice or potatoes” is almost a source of pride for patients. However, little do they know how wrong they are. Continuous restriction of this macronutrient is not the healthiest option at all.

The importance of carbohydrates

This topic has generated a lot of controversy, but it is important to know that the “devilish” carbohydrates are the main source of energy of our organism. In general, they should make up 50% of the energy consumed each day.

However, the distribution of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) cannot be generalized. Each case is a case that must be studied individually in consultation.

There are several factors that affect the preparation of an individualized plan . When distributing energy, we must consider the patient’s goals . Do you want to lose weight, lose fat mass or gain weight?

It is also essential to take into account each person's clinical condition and nutritional assessment . What we always want is to opt for the healthiest way to achieve the goal.

Is there an ideal time of day to consume carbohydrates?

One of the best-known myths surrounding carbohydrates is that they cannot be eaten after 6pm. In fact, there is no problem with consuming carbohydrates after this time. Sometimes they leave for dinner because people eat their meals too late. In these cases, to facilitate digestion, we suggest a lighter meal .

The myths surrounding weight loss

For a weight loss diet, the most important thing is energy balance . You can have a 1,800 kilocalorie plan based on carbohydrates or another, with the same energy value, based on fat. If you consume more calories than you burn, whether they come from carbohydrates, proteins or fats, you will not lose weight.

The problem is not with the hydrates, but with the type of hydrates you choose. For example, many people give up rice or potatoes for the main meal in favor of crackers for a snack or before bed. They are replacing a natural food with a processed food , loaded with sugar and fat.

In short, for physical and emotional well-being , I advocate eating carbohydrates of good nutritional quality !


Tania Tinoco Tania Tinoco

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