Discover leggings that are not transparent and do not fall down!

At Oito.Um, you’ll find the perfect leggings for training. No transparency and sweat stains. They resist washing and do not fall off. Know more.


Leggings are indispensable allies for sporting women. Anyone who loves an active life and comfort in all situations looks for solutions that fit their body like a glove. But the task is more difficult than it seems!

Finding the best leggings for training involves taking some essential aspects into consideration. We know that transparency is a concern for many women. Also the tendency to fall is a flaw pointed out by the majority.

Thinking about the most common problems, at Oito.Um , we create sports clothing that responds to the needs of those who wear it and that combines comfort, design and quality. We explain everything to you in this article!

5 Distinctive features of Eight.One leggings

1. They are not transparent during training

Most women consider transparency to be the biggest problem with the leggings they buy. In fact, there are garments on the market made of thin and very weak materials. These may seem like quality when you choose them, but when you put them on, they leave the wearer completely exposed.

During training and day-to-day tasks, there is nothing more inconvenient than always being concerned about the privacy of your body. That's why, at Oito.Um, we work with the best materials and prioritize product design.

The Lycra we use to produce our leggings is highly resistant and the thick thread ensures you are always protected. Do all the exercises you want without fear!

2. Do not fall during exercise

The tendency to sag is another major flaw that many women point out to training clothes . After all, how can we feel safe and comfortable in our movements if our leggings are constantly slipping down?

Our offering solves this problem by providing ideal levels of compression . The leggings adjust to the body and adapt to the most varied exercises without leaving their place . Furthermore, the supported waistband prevents the material from rolling up in the abdominal area.

3. They have ideal elasticity

Any woman who loves sports and prioritizes comfort knows that finding leggings with the ideal elasticity is more complicated than it seems. Sometimes they are too elastic and fall down, sometimes they don't have the desired resistance and tear during the most demanding exercises.

At Oito.Um, all leggings have an optimized percentage of elastane , allowing the fabric to withstand greater effort. This way, you are free and carefree to carry out ambitious workouts!

4. They are not stained with sweat

The poor quality of the fabrics of many leggings is to blame for the dreaded sweat stains . Cotton – or, even worse, plastic and rubber – doesn't dry, doesn't absorb and overheats. It is essential that the materials “breathe”.

At Oito.Um, we strive for fabrics with excellent absorption . Seamless Dry technology offers the most innovative technology in terms of polyamide and polyester. Sweat is absorbed without leaving stains. And both the skin and the leggings get dry quickly.

5. They resist washing

Have you ever found yourself with leggings that are practically unusable after just a few washes? Unfortunately, it probably does. If quality materials are not included at the source, the fabric can quickly weaken and the piece can lose compression and become worn and discolored .

That's why, in our leggings, we use strong fibers that offer support and firmness. The Supplex Evolution yarn is an example of this and stands out precisely for its durability.

Still, we must emphasize that, at this point, part of the responsibility lies with you. Sports items must be taken special care of. It is important that you follow the washing instructions found on the garment label or on the product's online pages. This way, you will help your training clothes have a long life.


It's time to prove that our clothing delivers on all its promises! Say goodbye to see-through, sagging leggings. Visit our website and explore the vast catalog of leggings . There is no shortage of options and quality is a constant!


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