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6 Main mistakes when training to lose weight | PT Sofia Loureiro

For many women, the path to a healthy lifestyle begins with training to lose weight. Discover the most common mistakes and avoid them.

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training to lose weight

Committing to a healthy lifestyle often includes training to lose weight . However, many people make mistakes that end up affecting the results of their efforts. In some cases, failures can even lead to giving up and returning to old habits .

Obesity figures in Portugal

Obesity is considered by the WHO to be the epidemic of the century, with serious social and psychological consequences. In Portugal, recent studies indicate that more than half of the population aged 18 or over (4.5 million) is overweight . Furthermore, only 13.1% of the male population and 11.5% of the female population practice physical exercise frequently. It should be noted that the majority of the population over 15 years of age does not practice any type of sporting activity (5.8 million).

These numbers are worrying, given that obesity is considered the second leading cause of death in the world. In this way, I have to congratulate anyone who has the courage to want to change, to finally want to take care of themselves. To do this, opt for a healthy lifestyle , which includes training to lose weight and taking care of your diet.

Avoid these mistakes in your weight loss training

When we set out to change, we also make mistakes, but the important thing is attitude . Therefore, look for professionals to help you along the way. Training to lose weight, combined with teamwork, is more motivating and enriching. Not to mention it's more effective.

In this sense, be aware of mistakes in training to lose weight that could be hindering your mission.

1. Wanting results for yesterday

This is, without a doubt, the most common mistake when training to lose weight. Furthermore, it is probably what causes the most psychological damage.

Let's be logical. If you gained 10 kg in a year (less than 1 kg/month), why would you want to lose 10 kg in 2 months (if not less)? Have you ever thought about the aggression you are doing to yourself? The key word is consistency . Therefore, set challenging but achievable goals, without training to lose weight harming your body.

2. Only do aerobic training and devalue strength training

On the topic of weight loss, I feel that aerobic training is overvalued (without taking away its importance in overall performance). There are several studies on this subject.

In fact, aerobic training is not necessary to reduce fat mass . However, some studies suggest that combining aerobic training with resistance training (strength training) may be more effective, obviously depending on the protocol.

Therefore, strength training seems to be a viable solution to start your training to lose weight and reduce your fat percentage. In fact, it is important to emphasize that weight is not the most important thing at all.

3. Carbohydrate restriction

A restrictive diet in terms of carbohydrates often causes irritability and bad mood . In addition, episodes of compulsion, anxiety, agitation and difficulty sleeping may occur.

Over time, this becomes a vicious cycle that will stunt weight loss . Not to mention that, to exercise, we need energy . Can anyone explain to me why decisions are made without the help of a nutrition professional ?

4. Not listening to the body

If there's one thing I've learned from life, it's that we forget to listen to our bodies . He knows our limits better than we think.

When I talk about listening to your body, I’m not referring to that little demonic voice that says: “Don’t go training. I'm much better off on the couch watching a series on Netflix and eating that wonderful ice cream than in that gym full of odors, fit and pumped up girls.” No! This is boycotting!

By listening to the body I mean the moments when your body tells you “Everything from yesterday’s training hurts today. Plus, I had a bad day at work, so today (just today!), instead of going to train, I'm going to a terrace to relax. I’m going to the gym tomorrow”. If it works, then congratulations. Listen to your body!

It's important to note that the gym isn't just fit and pumped girls . They probably started their path in the same way you are starting yours now: training to lose weight. Afterwards, this choice to relax and return to training the following day makes you autonomous and aware of the path you are taking. It won't always be easy, but it's your path .

5. Group class at the end of the day

Whoever says a group class also means aerobic training . With this type of stimulus, adrenaline levels increase, as well as endorphins (responsible for pleasure and well-being). These, in turn, also increase serotonin, which is responsible for relaxation .

Opposing stimuli lead to less efficiency of the body, which can lead to injury. Naturally, cortisol (stress hormone) rises, at a time when it should be at its minimum levels, attenuating the activity of the immune system.

In this way, the quality of sleep will be deteriorated, altering the circadian biorhythm and increasing the risk of adrenal dysfunction (inversion of the cortisol pattern). Thus, what was supposed to be a positive experience could cause additional stress to the body .

If you don't have any other time to train , opt for strength training, which won't have as many (possible) negative effects.

6. Spending endless hours at the gym

Finally, here is another point where so many fail when they invest in training to lose weight . More is not always better. Spending hours at the gym won't make you lose all the weight in one day. Consistency in training, along with nutrition and rest, is what brings the results you want.

I believe that anyone who sets out to train to lose weight will make other mistakes. However, these are the main ones for me. To tell you the truth, I prefer to be much more positive and focus on the courage it takes to change. Furthermore, only those who try make mistakes. Anyone who doesn't leave the couch will never make a mistake... But will they be happy and listen to their body?

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