From leggings to sneakers: 10 Essentials to take to the gym

There are essential products that you should always take with you to the gym. From leggings to sneakers, discover the 10 essential items.


Packing a suitcase is an eternal headache, not just when getting ready to go on vacation. When it comes to packing your gym bag , there are things you can't miss. From leggings to a water bottle , it's best to have everything organized. Make a list of what you need and make sure you don't forget anything.

There are 10 essential items that cannot be missing from your gym bag. If you are a regular at this space dedicated to exercise, you can always have two bags ready to speed up your daily routine.

1. Workout equipment

Let's start with the obvious, but you've probably forgotten a piece of sports clothing at home. Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel good. Good leggings , which adapt to the body and promote mobility , are always the first choice.

To match, you can opt for a technical t-shirt . Clothing made from technical fabrics allows for quick drying and improves performance .

During training, comfort is the watchword. So, don't forget to bring a top or bra with good support. Chest support is essential in women's training.


Sports leggings: A must-have for any activity!


2. Sneakers and socks

Choosing the right sneakers is absolutely essential. You should always buy your shoes based on the exercises you usually do, to ensure the best performance during training .

It’s also a good idea not to forget a pair of socks. These must also be suitable for physical exercise. Choose socks suitable for this purpose, which are elastic and allow the skin to breathe .

3. Bottle of water

We have been defending the importance of feeling good and beautiful during training, of choosing good leggings, a suitable top or a jumpsuit that highlights your silhouette. But there is another thing that is essential when exercising : staying hydrated! So, don't forget to put a bottle of water in your gym bag.

Think about the environment and opt for a steel canteen or reusable bottles . There are lots of options on the market, just choose the one that suits you best. Furthermore, nowadays, most gyms offer free water where you can fill your bottle or canteen.

4. Training towel

There are some gyms that offer towels at the entrance. However, this is not a rule. So it's best to play it safe and put a towel in your bag. It is essential during exercise, especially if you use equipment in the training room, as it avoids direct contact with the machines.

Microfiber towels , as they are extremely light and absorbent , are an excellent option.

5. Hair elastic

Unless you have very short hair, the elastic is an essential accessory. It is very uncomfortable to train with hair in front of your face. Furthermore, loose hair will increase body heat and, consequently, sweating . If you don't feel the need to tie your hair, you can always opt to use a ribbon.

6. Training gloves

If you are a fan of bodybuilding , we recommend using gloves during training. If you don't do this, you run the serious risk of starting to develop calluses on your hands.

7. Music

You're not supposed to be using your cell phone during training, but we know that a good playlist is an excellent incentive. As most of us listen to music on our cell phones, you can and should take yours with you to the gym. But compromise and only use it to listen to music.

Prepare a good musical selection and create an extra stimulus for your exercise practice. For the experience to be complete and not to interfere with your training, you should bring good headphones and an armband . This last accessory is the most practical and least annoying solution for keeping your cell phone with you.

8. Bath kit

The ideal is to carry all products in miniature size, so as not to take up too much space in the bag. There are already some kits prepared for these situations, with different bottles that allow you to store your personal products .

In addition to the shampoo, shower gel and moisturizer, the bath kit should also include a bath towel and some slippers . If you wash your hair, don't forget the dryer . Not all gyms provide a hairdryer.

9. Padlock and keys

It is also a good idea to always carry a padlock and its keys with you. If you're going to put your things in a locker at the gym, you'll definitely want to protect them. You can also opt for coded locks, if you don't belong to the forgotten club.

Remember that when you wear your training leggings and t-shirt, you will leave your clothes in the locker, as well as other belongings, such as your wallet and cell phone. Security is therefore fundamental.

10. Post-workout snack

As we don't always have the opportunity to eat immediately after training, it is very important that you take a snack with you. Replenishing energy and protein levels when we finish exercising is essential. Protein shakes or energy bars are our best friends at these times.

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