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High-waisted sports leggings: Be an active pregnant woman!

Discover the high-waisted sports leggings that will help you train comfortably and safely throughout your pregnancy.

high waist sports leggings

High-waisted sports leggings are the item of clothing that any pregnant sportswoman should have in her closet. Pregnancy is certainly one of the most memorable and unforgettable moments, not only because of the emotion of motherhood , but also because it is a period of extra care to protect the baby's life as much as possible.

Gone are the days when pregnant women did not leave the house to avoid the risk of pregnancy loss. The idea that pregnancy represents a period of infinite restrictions is left behind. That way, you don't always need to stop training just because you're pregnant.

In fact, with the supervision of your doctor and in low-risk pregnancies, physical activity is even recommended. In addition to benefiting you, it will also help strengthen your baby.

There are now pieces of clothing designed especially for pregnant sports lovers . These items have the particularity of being able to be used by any athlete, but offering extra protection and comfort to future mothers.

High-waisted sports leggings are a model suitable for pregnant women's bodies. If you are expecting a baby, these pieces can give you valuable help during the months ahead!

What are the benefits of exercising during pregnancy?

One of the reasons why it is important to exercise during pregnancy is to avoid excessive weight gain. This way, you will feel more self-confident and prevent the onset of gestational diabetes . Furthermore, it will allow for better cardiovascular adaptation at this stage of your life.

Sport helps to reduce pain during pregnancy, improve breathing and strengthen muscles. All of this will not only make labor easier, but also enable a better and faster postpartum recovery .

What exercises are best for pregnant women?

One of the best exercises to practice during pregnancy is water aerobics , as it reduces swelling in the lower limbs and relaxes the muscles. Another option is stretching and low-intensity exercises , such as Dance, Yoga and Pilates . All of them will help you improve your body posture, balance and breathing and increase your feeling of well-being.

When exercising in the gym, it is recommended to wear high-waisted pants , designed to make life easier for pregnant women. The Volcano high-waisted sports leggings, from Oito.Um, were created especially for those who are pregnant, but can be used after pregnancy, as they have an adjustable waist.

waist sports leggings _ climb – Why do your workouts improve?

High-waisted leggings mold to your body perfectly, have greater elasticity and ensure that your belly never feels tight. Because they are high-waisted, they help you:

  • Improve posture;
  • Offer greater stability to the spine, despite movements. This allows you to alleviate possible back pain, as well as providing greater support and protection in the lumbar area;
  • Relieve the weight of the belly, increasing comfort and safety during physical activity.

The Oito.Um Volcano line is made with Supplex, a high quality and durable material. Thanks to this fabric, the leggings make all movements easier. Furthermore, they help you to apply force better and recover more quickly after physical exertion.

Protect yourself and your baby as much as possible each month of pregnancy. Discover the Volcano high-waisted sports leggings in our online store . Choose your favorite model and don't miss any training during these beautiful months ahead!

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