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Eight.One: The online sports store designed for you!

Are you an active woman and concerned about your well-being? Do you like exercising? Then, visit the Oito.Um online sports store.

eight.um online sports store

Gone are the days when we devalued the clothes chosen for training. Today, the offer of exercise clothing is immense and the big brands invest almost as much in fitness fashion as they do in everyday clothing. Likewise, online sports stores have grown considerably and have more and more fans.

The possibility of buying whatever you want without leaving home through a click on your cell phone has won over many people. If this is your case, Oito.Um is an online sports store that should be part of your choices.

Are you reading this article because you are an active woman and concerned about your well-being? In our store, we have the right options for you! We are inspired by women and create clothing specifically designed for women's needs. Furthermore, there are a number of other aspects that distinguish us from our competitors. Come and learn more about Oito.Um ! We believe you won't regret it.

A brand that values ​​real women

Oito.Um is a Portuguese sports brand created with dynamic and energetic women in mind, who have the gift of making time stretch. That involves family, professional commitments, dinners with friends and they still find an hour a day to take care of themselves.

These are the women who inspire us daily and it is for them that our clothes were designed. Whether at home , in the gym or on the street, if you like training and value comfort , quality and style, then Oito.Um is definitely for you!

Eight.One is fashion, comfort and quality

Fitness fashion is increasingly comprehensive and is a growing trend. Feeling good, beautiful, young and attractive is extra motivation to start exercising. In this online sports store , you can find a series of options, from the most discreet to the most daring, that will help you enhance yourself, like what you see in the mirror and make you want to exercise even more.

Oito.Um offers clothing items with great attention to detail , which value design and the latest fashion trends. But, in addition to style, the brand's clothing stands out for its comfort and quality . In manufacturing, the best Lycra on the market and technical fabrics with high compression are used, which give elasticity to the pieces and guarantee better performance during training.

Leggings , for example, are made with Supplex and Seamless fabrics , highly sought after in fitness fashion for their high quality and resistance. Furthermore, Oito.Um leggings are extremely versatile and can also be worn on a daily basis, as explained in this article .

The bet on exclusivity

In addition to feeling beautiful and comfortable, with the pieces from this online sports store you will also feel like a special woman . And do you know why? Because all collections are limited. Production in small quantities makes it stand out every time you use an Oito.One model. And no one likes walking into a place and seeing everyone dressed the same as you!

An environmentally friendly online sports store

At Oito.Um, we work every day for a lower environmental impact . There is awareness that the preservation of the planet is urgent and the responsibility that each of us has. Therefore, for a better future, the company has a series of policies where environmental responsibility is based.

Reducing, reusing and recycling is part of Oito.Um's day-to-day activities and also factors into the decision when choosing a new partner. For example, the fabrics used in the production of the pieces come from factories that reuse water and are free from products that harm the skin.

In the same sense, Oito.Um articles are delivered to customers by certified and environmentally friendly companies . Furthermore, after much research, the biggest achievement was the production of a collection of biodegradable leggings . This is a line for all tastes, with discreet pieces and colorful ones, which combines comfort and style with an ecological component .

1 Euro for a good cause

Social responsibility is another of Oito.Um’s major concerns. The brand is part of a group that continuously helps the Fight Against Breast Cancer , through a minimum annual contribution of 5 thousand euros. In partnership with the Portuguese League Against Cancer, all orders placed in the online sports store contribute 1 euro to this cause.

In addition to what we have already mentioned in this article, Oito.Um guarantees deliveries within 24 to 48 hours throughout Europe and up to 5 days in the United States, Canada and Brazil. If you are in Portugal, shipping is free on purchases over 25 euros. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to discover all the collections in the online store and become a satisfied customer!


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