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10 Tips for losing weight in a healthy way by PT Sofia Baptista

Do you want to lose weight in a healthy way, without compromising your body's balance? We give you 10 infallible pieces of advice.

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lose weight in a healthy way

Would you like to lose weight in a healthy way and improve your appearance and physical shape? Then this article is for you!

We usually associate weight loss with super restricted and even inappropriate diets . But the truth is that to lose weight in a healthy way there is a very simple formula, which we call a calorie deficit , that is, we have to burn more calories than we ingest.

To do this, it is super important, of course, to re-educate our organism on several levels!

10 Tips for losing weight in a healthy and conscious way

1. Drink the right amount of water

We should drink 1 liter of water daily for every 25 kg . Looking at your current weight, you can adjust the amount of water your body needs to stay hydrated and functional.

2. Have a balanced diet

Our diet is something that obviously also needs to be adjusted. Foods rich in fiber and protein promote greater satiety and prevent sudden attacks of hunger.

3. Play sports

Exercising is very important for losing weight in a healthy way! You should opt for cardiovascular exercises (of greater intensity) and do it for shorter periods of time. Choose to do, for example, 3 workouts of 20 to 30 minutes at a higher intensity.

4. Believe in yourself

One of the reasons many people fail to lose weight is giving up too soon ! So, give your body time to adapt to the change and always trust that you can do it!

5. Rest

Rest is very important to achieve our goals! You should always regulate your sleep and sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day . This allows us to recover from daily stress and wake up more prepared and motivated to achieve our goals.

6. Be consistent!

To lose weight in a healthy way , we have to be able to repeat the same effort or the same routine every day. A good tip is to always think about why we are doing it and replicate it daily!

7. Relax!

We all live in constant daily stress . We woke up with the whole day planned. It is, therefore, important during our week or even during our day to have a few minutes to ourselves, free from stress and worries. We can do this through a hobby or an occupation that makes us feel good or fulfilled!

8. Being able to counter your body

We are often tired or have less energy and are put to the test! It is precisely at these times that we must get off the couch and face the fight.

9. Be motivated!

To lose weight in a healthy way, it is very important to fuel our motivation , because it is something that will not be present all the time during the process!

The idea is to find something or someone with whom we identify and who can do what we also want to achieve! This will allow us to inspire daily. But be careful, it is very important to always see the positive side and respect each person’s individuality.

10. Set goals!

Just like in a marathon, the objective is to pass the finish line. Therefore, you should set your own goals , as long as they are actually possible to achieve! This will help you not have such a tendency to give up – on the contrary, it will fuel your motivation!

Set, for example, biweekly goals and that way you'll never forget what you're fighting for. Above all, you will be able to value all your achievements more!

These are just 10 pieces of advice that can help you a lot in your healthy weight loss process, but it's really important that you realize that they are also 10 points that are in your life every day and really make all the difference!

Sophia Baptista Sophia Baptista

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Conceição REIS

Muito sucesso Ana.
Adoro te como profissional e como pessoa

Muito sucesso Ana.
Adoro te como profissional e como pessoa

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