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Sportswear: The importance of quality materials!

Choosing sportswear made from high-quality materials is essential for training with maximum comfort and safety.


Today's sportswear is far from the days of training in baggy t-shirts and cotton pants. The growing demand for a healthy lifestyle has had a huge impact on all aspects of sport.

Fitness fashion has been one of the areas that has evolved the most in recent years. The result is solutions completely focused on the athlete's needs and well-being .

Fitness fashion: From past to present

Sportswear in the past had the sole purpose of not hindering movement and allowing you to train in some comfort. There were no major concerns with the structure of the pieces or the materials used in their manufacture.

For a long time, loose-fitting pieces made from cotton were considered ideal. On the other hand, due to the natural wear and tear that this type of clothing suffered, its durability was very low.

With the advancement of textile technology , new materials were developed that allowed sports fashion to be taken to another level. This also allowed for enormous evolution in terms of the structure and design of these articles.

Today, fitness clothing is designed and created to enhance athletes' performance at various levels. Versatile and modern leggings , tops and jumpsuits have emerged, adapting to all the needs of today's sportsperson.

3 Basic requirements for quality sportswear

1. Comfort

Quality sportswear means that the best materials and the most advanced design have been combined , with excellent finishes. This results in comfortable pieces for optimal performance during sports.

When choosing the best fitness clothing items, comfort is one of the main criteria to consider. Each piece must adapt to the shape of the body and guarantee support without being tight , allowing a good range of movements .

2. Security

The type of seams, materials and finishes must also allow for safe training . Sportswear must resist sudden and repetitive movements , maintaining its characteristics unchanged.

Choosing quality items means being able to focus all your energy on training without worrying about the performance of your clothing.

3. Durability

Sports clothing needs to meet a high level of demand in terms of resistance and durability . This type of clothing must withstand frequent washing , maintaining its elasticity and original colors. Here too, choosing the best materials can make all the difference in the final quality of the items.

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High technology applied to sportswear materials

The fibers and fabrics used in the manufacture of different fitness fashion elements are more advanced than ever today. In addition to natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, there are many other options with surprising additional benefits. Examples of this include fabrics with ultraviolet protection and quick-drying technology.

Oito.One pieces are created using the appropriate amount of elastane to ensure optimal compression and support . This material provides elasticity, which allows a perfect fit to body shapes, while delaying fatigue .

At , there are products made with several supplex variants, one of the most recent technological innovations in the textile area. This type of yarn undergoes a texturing process during its manufacture, which gives it unique characteristics. The fabrics obtained have a soft touch , are breathable, dry quickly and maintain vibrant colors.

Using the best materials, it is possible to create high-performance pieces that remain impeccable for longer. Whether you train indoors or outdoors, choose the best! Visit our store and discover the versatile and quality Oito.Um sportswear lines!


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