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10 Advantages of Supplex smart fabric in fitness fashion

Supplex is a smart fabric widely used in fitness fashion. Discover the advantages of this material and the reasons for its popularity.

Smart fabric supplex

Supplex is an intelligent fabric with strong application in Oito.Um 's fitness fashion equipment, such as leggings . Known for its characteristic air texturing , this material combines a texture similar to cotton with the advantages of synthetic fibers. It is a material similar to Lycra, but more flexible and breathable , thanks to the application of the latest technologies in its manufacture.

Supplex vs. Cotton

Supplex was developed by Invista scientists with the aim of combining the comfort of cotton and the technology of modern fibers. The fundamental objective was to create a comfortable and resistant material . Thanks to the use of the most innovative fiber technology, a fabric has emerged with significant advantages over natural cotton.

Cotton has different structural characteristics than Supplex. For example, parts may wear out over time and, after stretching, may not regain their original shape. This innovative material maintains its dimensions and shape, even with regular use .

Supplex is light , very flexible and has a smooth texture . It is also waterproof , protecting from wind and rain. Furthermore, it does not spoil easily and can be used even in adverse weather conditions.

Facilitating perspiration, this smart fabric ends up drying more quickly and does not absorb odors as much. It also has protection against UV rays , making it suitable for outdoor sports.

Unlike cotton and other natural fibers, Supplex maintains its touch and color characteristics for longer. This makes it suitable for the manufacture of fitness fashion items, which require constant washing and whose elasticity is essential for freedom of movement. These characteristics allow it to fit perfectly to the female body, highlighting its silhouette and shapes.

Garments can be produced 100% using this fabric or use a combination that includes around 11% lycra.

10 Advantages of pieces produced with smart fabric

Compared to other options, Supplex is a very advantageous material because it combines the benefits of various types of fabrics. This way, you can stay comfortable while you exercise and continue to feel beautiful without the embarrassment of sweat stains.

We have put together 10 important advantages of using Supplex in sportswear compared to other types of fabrics:

  • High quality and greater comfort during sports;
  • Very resistant , light and with a shorter drying period;
  • Great elasticity that prevents the pieces from losing their shape;
  • Little fiber wear and greater color durability ;
  • Does not wrinkle or shrink with washing;
  • Facilitates perspiration and prevents the formation of sweat stains;
  • Softer to the touch compared to cotton;
  • Provides protection against UV rays ;
  • Adapts to all body types, flattering the silhouette and helping to hide cellulite;
  • Allows greater freedom and range of movement .


At Oito.Um we always try to offer fitness fashion pieces produced with the best materials. We want you to feel comfortable during training, which is why Supplex is one of our great allies. Discover Oito.Um sportswear solutions using smart fabric. Visit our online store and explore the best offers in fitness fashion.


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