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Top 3 Exercises for Glutes by PT Denise Costa

Personal trainer Denise Costa shares the 3 most effective glute exercises and explains how you should practice them to see results. 

glute exercises

Glute exercises are an essential part of a complete workout . But it’s not just aesthetically important that they are important – they also help you to be healthy .

Training the glutes prevents pain in the lower back and reinforces the stability of the pelvic area (avoiding problems in older ages). Therefore, contrary to what one might think, gluteal exercises should also be practiced by men.

The secret to training glutes and seeing results

There are 3 gluteal muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle, therefore, the most visible and the one that defines the appearance of the glutes.

For these 3 muscles to have a 3D designed shape, they must all be worked correctly. It is not enough to make the right movements, you need to ensure that there is activation of the glutes for the result to be effective.

As a personal trainer, I've spoken to many people who complain about not being able to achieve their goals, even after years of training at the gym . This is because, despite doing the recommended glute exercises, they do not perform them correctly.

The secret lies not only in the exercise itself, but also in the number of repetitions, sets and rest between sets. For good results , the angles and widths must also suit your appearance.

The 3 best exercises for glutes

If you want to start training your glutes, these are the 3 most recommended exercises because they are complete and allow for variations:

1. Glute bridge

It is the winning exercise when it comes to developing the glutes , as it covers all its components. You can vary the exercise by changing the position of your feet and the distance between them and your buttocks. You can do the movement with your feet closer to each other, further apart or in the maximal position. This allows you to exercise different parts of the 3 muscles.

You can also do the glute bridge unilaterally, to focus more work on one side and correct imbalances.

glute exercises

2. Squats

It's the second best exercise for working your glutes . In this case, you can also vary the position of your feet to exercise each of the 3 muscles. Two possible variations are:

  • Place your feet hip-width apart;
  • Squat in sumo position.

The area of ​​the body in which the load is applied also allows different focuses on gluteal work . For example, you can do squats with a load on the front of the body, or with a load on the back.

glute exercises

3. Lunge

This exercise can be practiced with different variations, according to each person’s physiognomy. Adjust your stride size to focus the exercise more on your glutes than your thighs . To work your glutes even more, do the downward movement using a step while doing lunges.

It can be practiced statically or dynamically (lunge in stride). In static lunges, tension on the glute is maintained for longer. In turn, the dynamic player works more on explosive strength when performing the stride.

glute exercises

Your workouts should be varied, not only in the exercises but, more importantly, in the way they are practiced. It is this variation that results in a balanced development of the muscles, without stagnation.

The execution cadence, repetitions, series and rest between them must be adapted to the objective of each training phase. This applies not only to glute exercises , but to all others.

Don't lose your motivation to train and try following these recommendations, asking a professional for guidance whenever necessary.

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Denise Costa
Denise Costa

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