Grace Kelly com roupa da Oito.Um

Grace Kelly's Eight.One picks for yoga!

Grace Kelly's Eight.One picks for yoga!

Eight.One Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Sá , digital influencer and yoga teacher, has Oito.Um as a partner in her training and classes. In his opinion, the quality, diversity and comfort that Oito.Um pieces provide make them perfect for the sport.

By practicing yoga, you can relax and calm down, while exercising and strengthening your muscles. It’s a way to restore energy, calm the mind and escape the “mechanical” state in which we function every day. Grace Kelly says that yoga has brought her daily benefits since she started practicing the modality.

We start by letting you know the advantages of yoga according to the teacher and influencer . Then, we explain in detail the reasons why Grace Kelly chose Oito.Um to buy her yoga clothes .

Grace Kelly

How yoga can improve your life

For Grace Kelly, more than a physical activity , yoga is a way of perceiving life. He defends it as being a path, an attitude, a way of being (as opposed to doing , which the daily routine requires so much).

To be able to transmit this philosophy to more people, the teacher created the “ Yoga Vibes ” classes. Here, students seek balance by aligning the chakras with energetic postures and breathing techniques ( pranayama).

These are classes that, as Grace herself says, help reinforce the Good Vibes of life: joy, energy, serenity and the connection between body and mind. With just a few yoga classes, the physical results begin to be felt.

This modality helps to:

  • Improve flexibility;
  • Increase strength;
  • Gain muscle mass ;
  • Improve posture;
  • Prevent joint pain;
  • Stimulate the bloodstream;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • Increase immunity.

But, in Grace Kelly's opinion, the most important effects are joy, vitality and good energy. “I didn’t look for yoga, it was yoga that found me. For me, yoga is everything, where we are the means, love is the transport and peace is the path”, says the teacher.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly's choices at Oito.One

Yoga is a physical practice that seeks each person's inner balance . Therefore, it is important that the sports clothing used is comfortable and transmits good vibes.

It is essential to use elastic pieces that allow you to perform yoga positions freely. But it is also important to opt for pieces with cheerful colors, which help to calm your mood.

Since she has always liked to practice yoga dressed in lots of color, it is no coincidence that Grace Kelly loves Eight.One ! Among the various fitness pieces available, the comfort of jumpsuits , leggings and tops stands out.

Leggings should be well designed so that they stay in place, even if you are doing a yoga position with a lot of amplitude. Oito.Um jumpsuits were designed for a perfect fit to each body ( seamless line). As for sports tops , they are lightweight, breathable and some have a sanitizing finish to reduce odors.

If you're tempted to follow Grace Kelly's advice, you'll certainly need yoga-appropriate clothing. We invite you to visit the Oito.Um online store to discover the available models.

Choose the fitness pieces you feel most comfortable in and the brightest colors. After all, yoga is more than a physical activity and its goal is to make you feel good inside and out.

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