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Reconciling physical activity and healthy eating by Sara Correia

Reconciling a healthy diet with physical activity is essential to living better and increasing levels of well-being.

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physical activity + healthy eating

Reaching our ideal weight is, for many of us, a daily struggle. However, the number we see on the scale is not the only indicator of whether we are healthy or not. It is important to be aware that having a higher weight does not necessarily mean that we have a lot of fat mass , and vice versa. Combining physical activity and healthy eating is essential to take care of your body and mind and, therefore, live better.

As you know, being overweight is associated with the development of numerous chronic diseases. Accumulated fat can cause an increase in serum levels of triglycerides and glucose, leading to the development of atherosclerosis and diabetes, for example. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of your choices and acquire healthy habits , with a view to improving your day-to-day life.

Benefits of a healthy diet and physical activity

There is a question that is often asked: how to adapt a good nutritional status, body composition and clinical parameters? The answer is simple: having a healthy diet and practicing physical activity !

With regard to food, there are food groups, such as vegetables, fruits and legumes, which are very beneficial for health and should be consumed daily. On the other hand, fats and carbohydrates should not be ingested in excess. However, these macronutrients are essential for a healthy life , as fat contributes to the protection of our cells and carbohydrates provide energy for the regular functioning of our organs and tissues, particularly muscles.

Hydration is another essential factor that interferes with practically all biochemical processes in our body. As a complement, regular physical activity improves mental and physical health, reducing anxiety and stress levels, and contributing to an adequate nutritional status through weight management.

Weight isn't everything!

Returning to weight management, don’t be obsessive about this topic! Throughout life, our weight can change cyclically, with various ups and downs. Weight maintenance is often a process with successes and failures, and must be managed gradually, looking at medium and long-term gains, such as disease prevention.

It is clear that our self-esteem and confidence are influenced by the way we feel about our body , therefore, it is very important to seek advice from a nutritionist . This healthcare professional can help you maintain a healthy diet by telling you what you should and shouldn't eat. For example, when faced with abdominal discomfort , which may result from a slight lactose intolerance, is it necessary to completely restrict milk and dairy products in your diet? Of course! And like this example, there are many others. Consult a nutritionist, as well as a personal trainer , who can help you with physical activity. Only then will you be able to achieve your goals and stay healthy. Also, don’t forget that sleep is very important in weight management, a fact that has already been demonstrated by scientific evidence.

In short, healthy eating and physical activity should always go hand in hand. This is what you must always keep in mind. Before I say goodbye, I leave you with a reflection: we can and must combine healthy and sustainable habits in the way we eat. Why not invest more in eating cereals, fruit and vegetables and legumes to help the planet while helping ourselves?

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